Dark or masculine interiors lightened up with soft light or warm colours.

A colorful palette is a trending movement in the contemporary design industry.

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Industrial style in interiors is still super trendy and doesn't seem to go anywhere. Crittall walls, aluminum elements or vintage wood sliding doors will rule this winter.

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 The modern classic in a sophisticated way.

A living room is like the heart of a home, we spend most of our time there, and this is mostly the place where I have my friends, acquaintances, and relatives come and sit. Naturally, one will be conscious about the d├ęcor of their living room, but it seems like we're always running out of ideas. Everyone wants their home furnished in the most modern way, and I appreciate the spirit, guys. So I'm sure after sitting clueless for hours you have turned to the internet for some support, and you've come to right place. I'll give you a few ideas in the following paragraphs on how to decorate your living room in the most modern way possible.

Seating With Storage

You're planning a banquet setting for your living room that would look royal, perfect. But have you ever thought of getting the furniture custom made so that you can get a storage installed underneath the seat? Well, if you haven't considered the idea, consider it now.

Coffee Table Options

Coffee table options can be numerous; you just have to be creative. I mean, people make African drums their coffee tables. You can consider other options as well, just think out of the box and pull a unique idea.

Fill Up the Walls

Ever considered the option of using the walls for fullness? Hang the curtains a bit high on the windows so that the airiness increases. Mount up the LCDs on the wall so that the living room doesn't look all stuffed.

Bolder Colors

I love the monochromatic patterns and colours, but sometimes adding a pop of colour here and there can be very refreshing. Try to keep the central furniture white while throwing in some coloured cushions for added brightness.

Bigger Furniture

I believe that bigger furniture looks comfier than other furniture. Don't be afraid to get a large armchair for the living room, it will only accentuate the room, and you will need fewer items to decorate it, while the room looks elegant all the same.

Cut Out on Lamps

I don't mean you should cut out on the lighting, of course. Just avoid the lighting that uses up space on the floor. Try to install them on the walls or hanging from the ceiling because that saves up space.

Centralize Things

Try to keep the furniture floating; by this I mean, that put the furniture in the middle of rooms while you have space around it. This will make the room appear wider and more spacey. Creating more space simply by thoughtful and strategic placement is possible.

A do-it-all Table

This is a must-have! You should get yourself an adjustable standing desk to utilize for many purposes. You can use it to place stuff that you want to keeps out of children's range, like a mosquito spray or electrical equipment, etc.
I hope these tips and tricks help you decorate your living room in the best way possible.

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Green is a wonderful colour to use in the bathroom design. 

In order to make it a bit more special and graphical, green square tiles could be used both fitted standard way or diagonally. 

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To put an accent on lines and shapes a contrast colour grouting could be used. 

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White tiles with green grouting will look simple but with a nice kick. 

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Painting wall in green outside wet areas and combining with other graphical tiles in white in black could create quite of a statement.

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Pure form, light colours and natural materials are all you need!

We are doing some research for the living room TV units and bookshelves for a new project. We need to put elegance, irregular shapes and a bit of industrial touch together. That's a good challenge! Luckily, there is a lot of inspiration we can find. We will update you on the progress in a couple of weeks!

There are so many ways to renovate old pieces of furniture. Imagination is the only limit. However what we like the most is to keep the palette quite simple and not too bright.

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Grey is the most popular colour for the kitchen choice after white. Grey is perfect if you want to go a little bit extra and avoid this cliche white kitchen safe trend. There are millions of grey shades and you can choose the one right for the room, depending on the size of the room and the amount of light. If the room is not very light than it is not recommendable to choose dark colours, as it will make it even darker. 

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We have recently finished FF&E project in trendy Battersea Power Station development.

Each of six flats was fully decorated, including bed linens, towels, and kitchenware essentials, so that tenants could move in straight away.

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