Another lovely package of carefully selected bathrooms :)

This year is definitely the year of minimalistic sofas but much warmer that create more intimate atmosphere.



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Geometric pattern rugs can be used not only in the Kids rooms but anywhere else in the house, making the space to stand out. 

In Kids room you can experiment with colours, making it more bright and fun.

In the Living rooms the colours could be more subtle, matching the colour scheme of the room.

However, if you wish to splash some colour, go for it!!! Combine with artwork for a WOW effect.

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Great examples of contemporary furniture from California. What I really like is this great combination of this straight lines soft natural finishes. All together gives a bit of industrial and at the same time elegant look.

From their website:
Founded in 2010, Croft House aims to encompass the sophisticated, relaxed feel of the California lifestyle  through their handmade pieces of statement furniture. Croft prides itself on creating timeless pieces, individually crafted to fit a client’s specific needs. Their extensive  design experience effortlessly transforms ideas and vision into functional, quality furniture.

Manufactured locally in Southern California, each piece is handmade with great attention to detail and a distinct focus on the individual processes involved. Longevity and craftsmanship are prioritized through the selection of only the highest quality materials available.

Croft House considers negative space to be just another material at their disposal, this perspective allows their design team to present scale in unique and exciting ways. Commingling these defining characteristics of modern design with the utmost commitment to the use of natural materials, Croft House creates a new generation of timeless furniture.

There is still a bit of summer left so it's worth to consider some ideas for outdoor space. Let's make it charming and welcoming.

Zack Davis from Sleepholic shared some bedroom cleaning tips with us. Luckily, personally, I do not have any problems with any of the points, apart maybe a water glass next to my bed  :))))

You can have the prettiest and the most stylish bedroom in the world, but if it’s going to be dirty or untidy all the time, unfortunately then it’s just a waste. You as a person are defined by the tidiness of your room, so get up and clean it like you mean it! A clean bedroom is what your friends and family want to walk into, not a place which just got hit by a truck. Let us help you change your old room into a brand new one. Here we have some DIY bedroom cleaning tips for you that you might find useful and will contribute to complete the task.

Is the floor clean? Do your feet get dirty just by walking on it? If yes, then grab a broom and dust away all the dirt. Check the floor for other items such as any wrappers, tissues, papers or even any dangerous lego blocks; trust us,  you do not want to hurt yourself. Pick up everything sitting on the floor.

Is your bed made? If you have a messy bed sheet or just haven’t changed it since a long time, it’s time you change it and the covers, after that take the previous one out for laundry. If it’s perfectly made, leave it. Get a good mattress for your bedroom that is hypoallergenic and get it dry cleaned at least once in two years. Same goes for your comforter as well. It is crucial to keep your bedding clean as it can affect your health more than anything.

Clothes and Towels
Do not leave wet towels on the bed or basically anywhere! Spread the towel in a hot place so it can dry, apart from that look for any clothes that you have just lying around in your room. Check if they’re clean or not and take them to their desired destination.

Some people have the habit of leaving the dishes and glasses after they’re done eating or drinking. Firstly, never bring food into your room; eat on the dining table because eating in your room always causes an unnecessary mess. Look around and if you see any dishes or glasses in your sight, get up, pick them all up and drop them off to the kitchen. These dirty dishes might produce a bad odor in the room, so it would be best to get rid of them instantly.

Waste baskets
Check the wastebaskets to see if they have anything in them if they do take out the garbage. Never leave your waste basket to over flow, they make your room look absolutely disgusting and in the end, might start producing a bad odor in the room, you might start attracting all sorts of insects.
I hope it helps. Stay safe!

About the Author:

Zack Davis is a well-known psychologist. He is very concerned about human health, loves bedding and home decor and enjoys hanging out with friends. He regularly blogs at
So how to add some sophistication with brass into the kitchen?

1. Upgrading doors and back panels
If you like bold looks, you can change your kitchen doors or kitchen island back panels into the brass finish. This will make the kitchen to stand out for sure. If your kitchen has both base and wall cabinets it is better to upgrade only one or another, leaving others plain, otherwise it might be a bit too much. Brass is a wonderful finish, but it is important to feel the balance.

2. Splash some brass on a Splash-back
One of easiest trick to upgrade the kitchen is to upgrade the splash-back. Brass splashback will definitely help to achieve this WOW effect.

3. If you do not want to make it too strong, little details in brass, such as a kitchen tap, a lighting pendant, tableware or trims there and here will add this slight touch of the desired effect.

If you enjoyed reading Part 1 of this Article yesterday, then thank you for coming back for the rest of it :)

6.      We always try to use natural materials for interior finishes rather than its imitation and prefer matt finishes to shiny. We are trying not to use ceramic basins and polished stone, but like to integrate matt sealed stones, cement tiles, microcement, matt resin stone basins and matt stone worktops into our design.



7.      We are very much in favour of straight and square lines in space design. Clean and even architectural approach to space planning and interior design has always been our favourite. We would mostly use straight lines in space division, joinery design and FF&E specifications. Generally, we would not use a lot of curves, celebrating a more minimal approach to shapes and space forms. Symmetry and alignment in design always helps to achieve great visual aesthetics.

8.      Among natural materials we like using wood very much when designing a house. Wooden flooring is almost a must for us. We can also experiment and add some character to the space by introducing reclaimed wood furniture or antique pieces from France, Italy and Spain.

9.      Mostly we are getting inspired by Scandinavian and Mediterranean interior design styles and trying to create a modern fused variation of both.

10.       When designing a house we put a lot of love and attention to details and in general to everything we do ;)