Bedrooms that make you feel like staying in bed forever.


Maak zacht roze minder meisjesachtig door te kiezen voor een grijze basis met industriële koperen woonaccessoires. Magische match!

Love this beautiful grey and pink bedroom! Image @decoride

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The Seventies is a decade remembered for its emphasis on change. Influenced by the revolutionary arts and cultural movements of the era, interiors took a vibrant turn towards daring designs and contrasting textures. From colourful velvet sofas to plush shag pile rugs, there is plenty to love about 70s décor.  

The 70s marks a renewed interest in the Art Deco trend of the early 20th Century. Focusing on luxury, glamour and opulence, the trend’s revival offers marble floors, dramatic use of mirrors and peacock feather décor.

Photo © Karel Balas.

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Olive green hallway with twin armchairs

Luxury bathrooms that offer a calm escape from our frenetic lives.

Oziel Contreras

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Modern interiors look gorgeous with beautiful arches. Arched windows and door openings add classy and elegant look to the modern interior design and make decorating feel elegant, harmonious and pleasant.

Een geweldig industrieel appartement in Moskou - Roomed |

Simmons and Simmons Office Milano 2016 | CLS Architetti

European Inspired Design - Our Work Featured in At Home.
Small square and rectangular tiles with matching or a contrast grouting can create a lot of different looks, from being minimal to retro and pop-art.

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Bath pit

Mirrored bath surround at No.5 House by Claesson Koivisto Rune.

Compound House | MARCH studio

@fapceramiche Simple use of contrasting tiles

Hidden storage, flat surfaces and minimalistic design are the keys to the good usage of the small space.

Hans Verstuyft

 Source: Pinterest

 Source: Pinterest

 Ardesia Design

Ardesia Design

Ardesia Design

Clean-lined furniture combined with rough, natural textures, and exotic accessories to create the perfect summer feel.

 Annabell Kutucu

Cleo Scheulderman 

Paulina Arcklin


Are you excited about Christmas dinner? Here is festive table decor inspiration. We like to keep it simple and use natural looking or actually natural decorations. 

Piano is made in partially glazed porcelain stoneware and is suitable for floors and walls, both indoors and outdoors. It presents and endless range of casual combinations that gives the surface a vibrant effect, achieved by the continuous alternation of two sizes and different shades of colour.

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