If you want your house to feel like a home, you add furnishings according to what you like and wish for. Most importantly we need soft furnishings to make our houses look well-cared for as well as comfortable. Living spaces are an identity of the people occupying them since they reflect their lifestyle, tastes, and character.
Soft furnishings include household textiles and fabrics that are used to enhance the d├ęcor such as rugs, throws, bedding, bedroom and bathroom curtains, cushions, quilts, table linens, and even bathroom towels and accessories. It also includes any piece of furniture, from chairs to huge recliners, that is padded with foam and a cloth of your choice. Furniture can be padded, stuffed and upholstered according to your taste and ethnicity, to give it a soft look.
However, the importance of soft furnishings does not end at your house feeling like a home; it is more than just that. If you have just moved into a new living space and do not have sufficient budget to invest in costly furniture, soft furniture is a solution to your problem.
Here is a list of commonly used soft furnishings and the importance of their presence in a home.
Cushions Cushions and pillows are also significant aspects of soft furnishings. They can be small or large decorative pillows and can be placed on chairs, beds, and sofas. These throw pillows are important because they give a sophisticated and refined look to your living space and also provide comfort in the process by supporting your back or neck.
You can use a Singer sewing machine to embellish or embroider these pillows any way you wish to; this reflects great personal taste.

Houses without curtains are like a donut without the glaze. Curtains add to the beauty and grace of the house by acting as a suitable background to your furniture. They are the perfect accessory for walls and windows, not only do they elaborate your living space in a good way, they also provide privacy and shield you from the outside world. Curtains also stop the dust and dirt from entering your home and provide the perfect protection from the outside noise and bright sun.

Bedding and Table Covers
Bed sheets, blankets, duvets, quilts and pillows, table cloths, you name it; all these kinds of soft furnishings add remarkable details to your rooms. The texture you use for the material of these things will determine how decorative you want these furnishings to be. Table covers also add beauty to the otherwise plain looking tables.

Carpets and rugs are a luxury that is increasingly becoming an essential part of interior designing and decoration. Rugs are not just a way to keep your house warm anymore to give it a cozy feel; they are more of a symbol of elegance and style. Carpets additionally protect the flooring and give your room or lounge a soft appearance that you will find comforting.

All these things make your house look aesthetic and tasteful. Do not compromise on soft furnishings and transform your house into something elegant and beautiful.   
Bulky sofas in vivid colours and soft upholstery work great as a feature in minimalistic or a bit industrial spaces. Could seat there all day!

Stone basins are timeless beauty and a masterpiece of all basins. Stones like marble will probably never be out of fashion, so it is a good investment for the future. 

To cut the costs down, a stone countre-top can be built around the pre-made ceramic basin. 

If budget allows a beautiful and elegant bespoke basin pieces could be created from a solid piece of stone.

Different finishes ideas for minimalistic and industrial decor.

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Bert Frank is a British brand founded in 2013. They were mostly working for the luxury lighting industry but recently they expaned their desing into furniture. We really like thow they incorporate brass (so fashionable nowdays!) into their products.

From thei website:

Luxury British lighting brand Bert Frank has expanded their design boundaries with a foray into furniture. Created in collaboration with Decca, utalising their furniture manufacturing expertise, the collection is comprised of five key pieces. With the same mid-century inspired feel as Bert Frank’s acclaimed lighting ranges, expect to find sculptural silhouettes, lustrous brass highlights and the same exacting attention to detail the company has made their signature.


Light pastel colours optically enlarge the space while keeping it warm and friendly.

Witt is a modular, geometric take on the traditional chandelier. Glowing, pearl-like luminaires are framed by the graphic outlines of hollow cubes, which, like building blocks, allow for endless compositions.

Notch casts light from the top or bottom, and from its core, thanks to the cube-shaped hollow cut out of its open, rectangular, column-like shade—yet the light source remains mysteriously concealed. In addition to enhancing the aesthetic qualities of the fixture itself, the contrasting finishes on the interior and exterior also improve the light; as the LEDs reflect off of the interior surfaces, they pick up some of the colour and shine, adding nuance and depth to the overall environment.

There are few paint colours that are more noticeable than others in interiors spaces at the moment. Those are navy blue, pale greens and pinks. Let's see how those colours could work in the bedroom.


Pinks and Reds. 
Not all of the pictures below show bedrooms, but the colour scheme reference works well.


Also, if you are not a fan of colours, plains still work. Greige and dark greys are overtaking light greys and whites at the moment.