Today I have a great chance to touch on one of my favourite topics – Scandinavian interiors – and to talk about light, cosy and so attractive Scandinavian bedrooms.  You will find the key peculiarities of north European interiors taking magnificent Swedish bedrooms as examples. 

The two most common colour schemes when it comes to Scandinavian bedrooms are: 

1. In white and white (snow-white walls, ceiling, floor). 

At that, you feel safe from the feeling of «medical establishment» and sterility in this case due to different textures (wood texture on the floor, stuccowork, no lack of textile, fur) and contrast color stains (bright pillows, blankets, mat, curtains, cut flowers, multi-colored decor, wood furniture). 

2. If «in white and white» scheme seems too extreme for you, install parquet or laminated flooring of light natural shade in your bedroom (light walnut, grey oak, maple…). Your interior will become warm, cosy and ecological.

Scandinavian bedrooms: window covering

Daylight is a key moment of Scandinavian style. Big windows in snow-white frames, light and easy curtains or Roman shades. More often than not, inhabitants of North Europe refuse from shades at all: nothing is to limit access of sunrays to a bedroom.

Flowery wallpapers

You can make a snow-white interior of your bedroom alive covering one wall with beautiful wallpapers with flower print or any other natural one.


Classic red brick supplements a light laconic interior beautifully. Contrast brick wall (or even its small part) will make your bedroom live and full of special charm typical for the loft. 


There are no too many things in a Scandinavian bedroom – each element is cherry-picked and makes an integral part of the interior.   Pay attention to modern laconic posters, pictures and photos. Combine frames and images of different sizes, creating collages and unusual compositions on the wall.

At that, it is important to strike a balance and principles of minimalism. Air and daylight are the best decors for the Scandinavian interior.

Scandinavian bedrooms reflect the love of North Europe inhabitants for nature, natural materials, cosy textile and sunlight. Implementation of Scandinavian minimalism principles, undoubtedly, work in every modern interior`s favour. Hopefully, you like these examples, and you had something new to learn about Scandinavian style.

About the author: Melisa Marzett who is a great writer and pluralistically a fan of the Scandinavian style in music, cinema and furniture writes for Smart Essay Writers at the time and enjoys a chance to write about her favourite style in the article above.
The first thing that comes to mind while moving our house is the cost of moving. Due to the rising fuel cost and a shortage of drivers, the moving costs have increased significantly over the past few years. However, you can reduce the costs of moving your house in a number of ways.
This post shares some essential tips that will help you reduce the moving costs significantly:

Get rid of the items you don’t need
The total weight of your load is an important factor in determining the cost of a long haul move. Instead of shifting all the items, remove the items you don’t need at your new place. You can donate the things you don’t need, give them to a friend or give them in a junkyard. This will significantly reduce the overall load which in turn reduces the cost of moving.
Experts recommend that you should start to go through house 60 days before the date of moving to find the items which you need to move and which are of no use. Then start selling or donating the items which you don’t want to use and move to the new location.
Research to find the best mover
You should research in advance before selecting a mover for shifting your home. Contact at least four to six companies to compare the process and services. Try to select a licensed mover company that offers proper resource with insurance to complete your move efficiently. Check the official websites of the mover and also read the Google reviews to know the quality of services they offer. Also, compare the prices they charge for the same distance and load. You should select a company with the maximum positive reviews and which offers high-quality services at reasonable prices.
Pack and Unpack yourself
Packers and movers charge a lot for the packing and unpacking of items. The cost of packing is around 25 percent of the total moving cost. To save the cost, start packing at least one month in advance. Even if you don’t want to pack all the items yourself, you should pack small items and leave the larger ones such as furniture and home appliances to the movers. House removalist helps you to packing all items safely.
For example, small items like clothes, beddings and other kitchen appliances can be packed easily. However, if you have planned to buy insurance for your move, the items you pack yourself will not be covered by the insurance. It is best to pack the unbreakable items yourself and leave the breakable items to the movers.
Time of your move
You should be flexible on the time of your move. Try to avoid your move in the months of June, July and August as these are the months when there is a high demand for movers. So the prices are higher during this period as most people shift homes due to school vacations. Also, avoid moving at the beginning and the end of a month as the demand is again high in these days because most of the apartment leases end in these days. Due to this reason, the process of moving is higher at the beginning and end of the month. Try to move your house in the middle of the month as the prices are low and the movers can combine shipments and charge you less.
Label your boxes
Categorize the boxes and label them to avoid any complications during the unloading of boxes at the destination. This will help you to avoid purchasing duplicate items like cleaners, toiletries and other common household items when you arrive at the new location. Colored labels help in the unloading and unpacking of items. Also, number your boxes so that you can easily know which one is lost or misplaced. This will also help you count the boxes while loading and unloading. You should also note the numbers of boxes containing the items you need to unpack on high priority like cleaners, sanitizers and kitchen essentials.
Invest in insurance
Moving companies are required to provide the basic coverage of move according to the federal law. This means that they are required by the law to provide the coverage value for the items broken or damaged during the move. However, if you are transporting valuable items, you will want to pay more to have the full replacement coverage value. When you choose to have a full coverage value of your items, the moving company is required to provide the actual value of the item damaged during the move.
Final words
Even while working on a strict time schedule, plan your move in advance as planning will help you to save costs on many little things. A little research for finding the best mover and considering the above-mentioned points, you will be able to save a lot on your move.  

Perfect for studio flats or for open-plan spaces. Partitions like in the examples below can visually help to divide the space into different zones without comprising on the light. 


Итальянский дворик - Галерея

Spring is in the air! Of course, this entails the inevitable appearance of the trusted feather duster and good old Mr Muscle, but it is also time for a little change. Not only is it a fitting time to get rid of all the dust, it is also perfect for decluttering and reinventing your wardrobe as this is an area that we can tend to forget about. Here are a few ways you could be sprucing up your clothing space this Spring.
All in One Style Station
Inspired by Kylie Jenner’s walk-in-wardrobe designed by Martyn Bullard, every hoarder of clothes and accessories would love this super organised unit. However, money and space can be an issue… but all is not lost! There are some fab affordable ways you can still have this luxury with a few alternatives and creative thinking. For example, we’ve already written about IKEA’s wardrobe design service, which can see you having a whole fashion station under £500!
The main role of your style station should be to protect and preserve all your items, from clothes to jewellery. Having specialised storage options from a luxurious watch cabinet to a budgeted and useful jewellery drawer will help you store delicate belongings away from your clothes, but all in one area. Great storage doesn’t only mean boxes - space savers like thinner hangers enable you to store more clothes and are a clever storage hacks that maximises the space.
Built in Stations
Not quite a walk-in wardrobe, but a build-in system that reaches from the floor to ceiling whilst catering to your organisational storage needs. If you find that even after your Spring-clean-and-declutter, you still have lots of clothes and accessories, this could be an alternative solution to a walk-in if you lack the space. It doesn’t have to be a whole wall transformed into a wardrobe, you could always leave space in the centre for a mirror and standing vanity unit.
Both built in and walk in wardrobes lend themselves nicely to holiday homes and for those looking to sell. Not only does it give holiday goers to the ability to hide their suitcases, it can also add value to a property in the eyes of potential buyers. Better yet, if you use a great home staging solution, you can show off your home in the best light without having to invest in new furniture…there are few who can resist the luxury of a glam space.
Open Wardrobes
Something I have seen a lot recently in interiors is open hanging rails that not only store your clothes, but also look gorgeous and minimal. These rails are perfect for additional clothing space whilst doubling up as a lovely aesthetic piece if you choose items that match the colour scheme of your room. Furthermore, it doesn’t need to be a plastic rail, think outside the box! You could incorporate a wooden rail or a more contemporary piece like the examples below.
 These are only three ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Think of them as your starting points, a walk-in wardrobe and style station should cater to your organisational needs. For example, if you own lots of necklaces, invest in a holder to display them or if you find hanging clothes unsightly, opt drawers!
Technology has changed the way we live our lives and will continue to change them in the future. With the arrival of high tech gadgets, it seems as 2018 will be the year of technology. The latest gadgets offer the convenience and simplicity to your home. When it comes to smart living, we think of the gadgets that make our homes smarter and comfortable to live.
Almost every week some new devices are launched to make our lives easier and convenient. Technology moves faster than what we can keep up nowadays. Let us see the gadgets which would make our homes much smarter in 2018.
Some smart home designers are already offering latest technology trends to their customers, but some home designers need to update their services to meet the current trends. If you are in Queensland, you can search for local home builders gold coast online to design your home with the latest technology.
Let’s introduce ourselves to the gadgets that would change the way we live in our homes in 2018:
Voice Assistants
Now you don’t need to operate the gadgets in your house manually. Voice assistants do it for you. Voice assistants like Google Home, Apple’s Siri and Amazon Alexa do it for you. Voice assistants allow you to control your home appliances and lights with your voice.
With voice assistants, you can control your lights, record your favorite TV shows and microwave. Samsung’s Bixby has recently joined the race of smart voice assistants and will operate all the Samsung devices in your home. Moreover, the companies making home appliances such as smart TVs, refrigerators, microwaves, etc. are making them compatible with the voice assistants.
Health Sensors
This year many health sensor devices will make their way to the homes of gadget lovers. With health sensors, you can easily measure your health parameters like respiratory rate, body temperature, heart-beat and blood oxygen levels.
For example, Oska Pulse helps you to measure your blood flow to the impacted parts of your body. The device is specially made to help the people suffering from chronic pain. Another example of health sensor is Sensio Air which lets you measure the dust particles in your rooms. This is beneficial for people with allergies.
Smart Security
Security is a primary concern of every home. There are a lot of security devices that can make your home a smart home. From motion sensors to security cameras and smart locks to video doorbells you can protect your home from burglars and robbers.
It’s now much easier to keep an eye on all the areas of your home from a single access point. Syncing devices of different brands is a hassle, so it is better to buy all the security of a single brand, as they can be synced easily with each other.
For example, Adobe has rolled out a security kit that consists of a motion sensor camera, door and window sensors and a remote key. You can easily connect them with other smart devices.
Smart furniture
In the future, we will see the smart furniture capable of transforming itself according to the user needs. The shelving units will convert themselves into a bed on your command and further into a sofa when you want to relax or watch TV.
For example, a simple looking book self can turn itself into a walk-in closet or bed with a command to a voice assistant or with the press of a button. The technology is yet in the pilot stage, but it shows what type of furniture would make your home smarter in the coming years.
Wireless charging
Wireless charging is not a new technology, but it has started gaining popularity since last year. The introduction of the Qi wireless chargers for the latest iPhone models, many tech companies have started introducing it in the markets. Many other companies like LG and Samsung have also launched the wireless charging devices.
Temperature management
With temperature management devices you can heat up your rooms on the way from work to home. This technology is ready to heat up your home this year. With the proliferation of geo-fencing functionality, that makes use of GPS or RFID to create a virtual geographic periphery allows you to change the temperature when you move from one room to another. For example, some devices like Honeywell Lyric T5 is equipped with this feature, but you can see more devices and more features of temperature management in future.
You already have multiple devices and home appliances which are used manually. But the recent development in technology will make the home appliances work and communicate within a range. For example, some devices communicate their technical problems to the technical support before you even know them. A microwave in your kitchen can begin preheating from an app from your living room. Your refrigerator can suggest you recipes based on the vegetables that are placed in it.
Final words
These were the smart appliances that are going to change the way we live in our sweet homes. The home appliance manufacturers are all set to launch their smart gadgets to make your lives more simple and convenient.  
Sick of that dark room in your house? These easy tips of ways to brighten your home will freshen up even the dingiest space.

1. Going for a fresh, lighter look in your living room? Pay attention to wall color, curtains, rugs and mix neutrals and darks with brighter colors.
2. Wherever possible, search for white furniture, rather than dark colors. Think white bookcases, white credenzas, cream couches, and white tables
3. Work with the unique qualities of your room. Unfussy window treatments let the light come pouring into a room. Simple chairs and no tablecloth keep things simple.
4. Is there a large plant or large piece of furniture blocking the light in your house? Move it! Put large pieces of furniture on opposite ends of a room from where your windows are. That way, your room will receive the most natural light possible.
5. Use sheer white or other neutral colour  curtains. 

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clean minimal bright interior. tall space with high windows to bring light in and feature pendant lighting

Mooie mediterrane sfeer

küchengold .

Denmark has often been found the happiest country in Europe and even the world. The rest of Scandinavia enjoys a cosy lifestyle that helps them get through the long, dark winters too. Words like Hygge and Lagom are just part of a whole lifestyle focused on enjoying the little things in life, making the most of keeping warm and having a home that is a joy to spend time in.

This includes layering warm blankets and textiles, creating snug spaces that are also beautiful and having a well-insulated home to keep out the chill. After all, it’s impossible to feel truly peaceful and cosy if the cold is getting in through uninsulated walls!

Keeping warm and comfortable is key and every Scandinavian country has its own approach to snug but chic interiors. Here, our friends from Insulation Express are take a look at the different Nordic interior styles and sharing tips on how to get the look.

The Scandinavian Secrets to Keeping Cosy

The Scandinavian Secrets to Keeping Cosy by Insulation Express.

Small bathrooms may seem like a difficult design task to take on; however, these spaces may introduce a clever design challenge to add to your plate. Creating a functional and storage-friendly bathroom may be just what your home needs.

inspiration zone : Photo

Bathroom | Interview: Bates Smart Directors | est living

Idée décoration Salle de bain  Hôtel National des Arts et Métiers : un bijou au cœur de Paris  Elle Décora