Technology has changed the way we live our lives and will continue to change them in the future. With the arrival of high tech gadgets, it seems as 2018 will be the year of technology. The latest gadgets offer the convenience and simplicity to your home. When it comes to smart living, we think of the gadgets that make our homes smarter and comfortable to live.
Almost every week some new devices are launched to make our lives easier and convenient. Technology moves faster than what we can keep up nowadays. Let us see the gadgets which would make our homes much smarter in 2018.
Some smart home designers are already offering latest technology trends to their customers, but some home designers need to update their services to meet the current trends. If you are in Queensland, you can search for local home builders gold coast online to design your home with the latest technology.
Let’s introduce ourselves to the gadgets that would change the way we live in our homes in 2018:
Voice Assistants
Now you don’t need to operate the gadgets in your house manually. Voice assistants do it for you. Voice assistants like Google Home, Apple’s Siri and Amazon Alexa do it for you. Voice assistants allow you to control your home appliances and lights with your voice.
With voice assistants, you can control your lights, record your favorite TV shows and microwave. Samsung’s Bixby has recently joined the race of smart voice assistants and will operate all the Samsung devices in your home. Moreover, the companies making home appliances such as smart TVs, refrigerators, microwaves, etc. are making them compatible with the voice assistants.
Health Sensors
This year many health sensor devices will make their way to the homes of gadget lovers. With health sensors, you can easily measure your health parameters like respiratory rate, body temperature, heart-beat and blood oxygen levels.
For example, Oska Pulse helps you to measure your blood flow to the impacted parts of your body. The device is specially made to help the people suffering from chronic pain. Another example of health sensor is Sensio Air which lets you measure the dust particles in your rooms. This is beneficial for people with allergies.
Smart Security
Security is a primary concern of every home. There are a lot of security devices that can make your home a smart home. From motion sensors to security cameras and smart locks to video doorbells you can protect your home from burglars and robbers.
It’s now much easier to keep an eye on all the areas of your home from a single access point. Syncing devices of different brands is a hassle, so it is better to buy all the security of a single brand, as they can be synced easily with each other.
For example, Adobe has rolled out a security kit that consists of a motion sensor camera, door and window sensors and a remote key. You can easily connect them with other smart devices.
Smart furniture
In the future, we will see the smart furniture capable of transforming itself according to the user needs. The shelving units will convert themselves into a bed on your command and further into a sofa when you want to relax or watch TV.
For example, a simple looking book self can turn itself into a walk-in closet or bed with a command to a voice assistant or with the press of a button. The technology is yet in the pilot stage, but it shows what type of furniture would make your home smarter in the coming years.
Wireless charging
Wireless charging is not a new technology, but it has started gaining popularity since last year. The introduction of the Qi wireless chargers for the latest iPhone models, many tech companies have started introducing it in the markets. Many other companies like LG and Samsung have also launched the wireless charging devices.
Temperature management
With temperature management devices you can heat up your rooms on the way from work to home. This technology is ready to heat up your home this year. With the proliferation of geo-fencing functionality, that makes use of GPS or RFID to create a virtual geographic periphery allows you to change the temperature when you move from one room to another. For example, some devices like Honeywell Lyric T5 is equipped with this feature, but you can see more devices and more features of temperature management in future.
You already have multiple devices and home appliances which are used manually. But the recent development in technology will make the home appliances work and communicate within a range. For example, some devices communicate their technical problems to the technical support before you even know them. A microwave in your kitchen can begin preheating from an app from your living room. Your refrigerator can suggest you recipes based on the vegetables that are placed in it.
Final words
These were the smart appliances that are going to change the way we live in our sweet homes. The home appliance manufacturers are all set to launch their smart gadgets to make your lives more simple and convenient.  
Sick of that dark room in your house? These easy tips of ways to brighten your home will freshen up even the dingiest space.

1. Going for a fresh, lighter look in your living room? Pay attention to wall color, curtains, rugs and mix neutrals and darks with brighter colors.
2. Wherever possible, search for white furniture, rather than dark colors. Think white bookcases, white credenzas, cream couches, and white tables
3. Work with the unique qualities of your room. Unfussy window treatments let the light come pouring into a room. Simple chairs and no tablecloth keep things simple.
4. Is there a large plant or large piece of furniture blocking the light in your house? Move it! Put large pieces of furniture on opposite ends of a room from where your windows are. That way, your room will receive the most natural light possible.
5. Use sheer white or other neutral colour  curtains. 

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clean minimal bright interior. tall space with high windows to bring light in and feature pendant lighting

Mooie mediterrane sfeer

küchengold .

Denmark has often been found the happiest country in Europe and even the world. The rest of Scandinavia enjoys a cosy lifestyle that helps them get through the long, dark winters too. Words like Hygge and Lagom are just part of a whole lifestyle focused on enjoying the little things in life, making the most of keeping warm and having a home that is a joy to spend time in.

This includes layering warm blankets and textiles, creating snug spaces that are also beautiful and having a well-insulated home to keep out the chill. After all, it’s impossible to feel truly peaceful and cosy if the cold is getting in through uninsulated walls!

Keeping warm and comfortable is key and every Scandinavian country has its own approach to snug but chic interiors. Here, our friends from Insulation Express are take a look at the different Nordic interior styles and sharing tips on how to get the look.

The Scandinavian Secrets to Keeping Cosy

The Scandinavian Secrets to Keeping Cosy by Insulation Express.

Small bathrooms may seem like a difficult design task to take on; however, these spaces may introduce a clever design challenge to add to your plate. Creating a functional and storage-friendly bathroom may be just what your home needs.

inspiration zone : Photo

Bathroom | Interview: Bates Smart Directors | est living

Idée décoration Salle de bain  Hôtel National des Arts et Métiers : un bijou au cœur de Paris  Elle Décora

We all have a unique sense of style, so why shouldn't our kitchens reflect that? 

source: Pinterest

Kitchen | Open House: 71 Cunningham Street, Northcote | Jellis Craig | est living

katty schiebeck passeig de gracia 11 Barcelona Style: The Passeig de Gràcia Project by Katty Schiebeck


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 With spring on the horizon, there's no better time to embrace some colour into your home. The mystical qualities of pastel colours make it ideal for those mindful of creating a therapeutic space.

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If you’re looking for a cozy spot, this will definitely do. It’s got the wood elements and the shades of blue. But it has this minimalist feel to it that makes it seem more comfortable.


Aquamarine 138 Little Greene - Google zoeken

This feminine colour works perfectly in modern bathrooms.


light plant smoke meditate grunge blue japan zen incense stick incense burn interior design joss stick religious art relaxation meditation photograph smell quiet scent

Finding the time and energy for regular meditation can be tricky. To make sure you’re gaining the full benefits of meditation and encouraging yourself to practise meditation even when you’re feeling uninspired, consider creating your own serene meditation space. Having a space to decompress, think, and relax will both serve as motivation to meditate, and give you a much-needed break from daily distractions and noisy family members. Creating a serene meditation space at home is easier than it might sound - consider the following elements when designing your perfect meditation space:
You don’t have to have a spare room to create a serene meditation space. A corner of your lounge or office can still serve as a meditation area if you’re short on space – the simple act of practicing meditation in the same space each time will help to train your brain to see it as a place in which it is free to relax. Of course, you can get creative – if you have a walk-in wardrobe or storage room, why not spruce it up a little and repurpose it as a relaxing hideaway?


One of the keys to creating your perfect meditation space is to keep it simple. Meditating is much more difficult to practise in a cluttered room, so when designing your space, focus on removing anything that’ll be too much of a distraction, although you might like to add a few objects that will serve to motivate you and help you to feel at peace. What works for one meditator might not work for the next, but objects such as rugs and religious or spiritual statuettes (depending on your beliefs) generally help to create a peaceful atmosphere. You might also like to bring in a bit of the outdoors to add a relaxing touch to your space; try a small houseplant or a vase of your favourite flowers.


A serene meditation space won’t be very serene without decent lighting. People who meditate by candlelight swear by the practice, insisting that gazing at a candle while meditating provides a focus point and rids the meditator’s mind of distraction. Whether or not you like the idea of this particular practice, it’s true that lighting levels are important in meditation, although you might have to experiment a little to figure out which level of lighting works for you. At dim levels, you might feel more relaxed, whereas at brighter levels, you might find that you feel more alert and can concentrate better. A dimmer light will help you to figure out your perfect level while investing in a decent set of window blinds will allow you to easily control the lighting levels in your meditation space whatever time of the day you choose to meditate.

Every meditator is different, but again it’s worth experimenting with sound and music to figure out what works best for your meditation sessions. You might like to listen to ambient sounds that transport you to a faraway beach or rainforest, or you might find that listening to classical music helps you to focus and stop ruminating on unwanted thoughts. Using a quality set of speakers or headphones will rid your meditation space of distractions and ensure that the music or sounds you’re listening to banish any outside noise.

Regular meditation provides a whole host of benefits: better levels of concentration, reduced levels of stress, and an improved sense of well-being, to name just a few. Having a designated space in which to practise meditation will encourage you to practice regularly and obtain these benefits, which in turn will help you to lead a healthier, more fulfilling life.
There are many of us for whom redecoration is an all-consuming task. Swatches, samples, and catalogues become vital currency, and we spend so much time on Pinterest that we end up scrolling in our sleep. One of the trickiest aspects of overhauling your living space can be deciding on colour schemes. Colour has a huge influence on how we interpret our environment, so it’s an important thing to consider wisely.
However, picking colours doesn’t need to be a daunting task. Inspiration can come from endless sources; current trends seen in magazines, a favourite piece of furniture, or the villa you honeymooned at in Bali. Aesthetic preferences and personality are important factors to consider, but one stone often left unturned is the psychological effects of colour. Colours have a proven impact on the way we feel. This is a phenomenon that has been observed for many centuries, going as far back as Ancient Egypt where practitioners would expose the ill-stricken to certain colours believed to have healing properties.
Whilst the way we perceive colour is subjective, experts on the subject generally agree on certain principles. Read on to discover how colour can be used to create a home that is as pleasing to your mind as it is your eyes.
Photo credit: Jonas Ingerstedt


Shown to lower blood pressure and your heart rate, it’s no surprise that blue is associated with calmness and serenity. Lighter, softer shades can bring a feeling of zen to high-traffic areas such as the kitchen and bathroom, where a moment of tranquillity can go a long way. Discover our blue-hued shopping edit here.
This stimulating colour has the opposite physiological effects to blue. Red is great for spaces used for socialising or entertaining – when used in a living or dining room red can promote conversation and liven gatherings with family and friends. It’s also a key component of Pantone’s far-fetched colour palette – one of the 2018 interior trends we’re most excited about.

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Considered the most restful colour for the eye, green promotes relaxation whilst also having enough warmth to encourage togetherness. It’s a great choice for almost any room in the house but works especially well in a hallway, making the transition from outdoors to indoors that little bit easier. If painting feels like too much of a commitment, why not try a green statement lampshade?
Photo credit: Fresh Home


The colour of luxury and opulence, purple is a fitting choice for sophisticated living rooms or master bedrooms. Darker shades add richness and drama, whilst lighter tones, such as lilac and lavender, bring restfulness. Feeling daring? Ultra violetPantone’s 2018 colour of the year, could be the hue for you.
Photo credit: A Beautiful Mess
If you want to bring happiness and creativity to a room then yellow could be the colour for you. It works particularly well in spaces with a lot of natural light, and is particularly effective at energising and uplifting small and/or dark kitchens and bathrooms.

Photo credit: Good Moods


A highly energetic hue, orange is best used as an accent colour due to its often-overpowering nature. It would work well in a room where you want to expend energy – a home gym, for example – or scattered throughout your living room. We love these citrusy scatter cushions from Trouva boutique Oklahoma.
Photo credit: Amber Interiors
Creating the impression of purity and cleanliness, white also makes a room feel more expansive.  Its real value lies in its flexibility; it works well in any room and you can add colour with furnishings and ornaments as you please.

Flats that have a great ceiling height, but are limited in floor space will benefit from a mezzanine, that will add extra usable space to the premises. 

Here are some nice examples showing of how you can integrate a mezzanine into your flat.

Use a spiral staircase to save space. Metal balustrade and the staircase add a touch of raw industrial beauty.
Quelle décoration utiliser pour embellir votre mezzanine ?

Make a feature out of it. When you can only add a small mezzanine, try to make it look special, as a great decorative addition to the existing space, rather than just an addition, that perhaps visually can even make the room look smaller.
The owner of this house, Virginie, asked three young Chilean architects to transform her banal suburban Parisian home in a refuge open to the light that she has furnished with her vintage finds.

Add a window. If there is no chance to add an actual window to the outside, add an interior window to let it some daylight.
La cuisine de l'appartement s'est logée sous la mezzanine

Make use of the staircase. The access to the mezzanine will take some space, so why not to use it smartly. Staircase could be transformed into a joinery piece or extra storage.
Dormitorio                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

A vanity unit is an important element in any bathroom design, and requires the space that surrounds it to function properly. If you are simply replacing an old sink with a vanity unit, then it makes sense to install it in the same spot to save any plumbing hassle.

blue green subway tiles with marble, round mirror, black faucet, wooden side table stool

Lovely green vanity. The black sink and gold accents pull it all together. (uploaded by another Pinner off of Instagram)

V joint board vanity

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Pinned by Ella Swift; Created by OUI OUI OUI studio
Wooden furniture adds character to a room, whether classic or contemporary. It's easy to see why wooden kitchen is so popular. Not only does it work with a variety of décors – from minimalist right through to rustic – but there are any number of woods to choose from, each with their own unique benefits.

John Pawson's Life House for Living Architecture - a holiday home designed for moments of calm and reflection

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Often used in bedroom design, the soft appeal of grey can cool many interiors. Yet one secret power remains - its subtle transformation of kitchens. Often left