In small London flats especially, it's important to create as much storage as possible and to make use of every little corner of space. That's why in most of our designs, we build in ample amounts of in-built cabinets and wardrobes. In our recently completed project at Craven Hill (the four last images below), we installed fitted cabinets into a small corner room that became a walk in wardrobe, as well as a full height shelving unit with cabinet space below and LED lighting to light up the lowest shelf. Our team of joiners can create these designs for any space we need.

Living rooms can be tricky as it's easy to add too much furniture and make them cluttered. A good living room has a balanced mix of seating, storage, display space and EMPTY space.
The living rooms in these pictures have a good mix of all of the above, as well as showcasing some of the owner's personality and a good amount of varied lighting for all times of the day.

The Kitchen may be the heart of the home but the dining room is the place where families and friends come together to sit down and enjoy time together over a good meal. As such, a dining room should be a comfortable room that inspires a good social atmosphere. I think these interiors are a great examples of comfortable dining spaces.

We love it when we get to design log cabins and chalets in the Swiss alps - the natural materials, warm lighting, live fires and rustic feel. It's what makes the Ardesia style! It's probably why we try to bring that cabin warmness to London by adding small rustic details to the modern interiors we design.

Blue is one of my favourite colours and definitely my favourite bedroom colour (cool and relaxing)! Here are some blue colour palette images to inspire you :)

It's almost like we're feeling envious with the number of commercial interiors we're posting about this week! Occasionally we do get to design some office spaces, either home offices or commercial spaces.
Offices are great fun to design as they can be creative and colourful and above all, need to be functional. We loved designing our own office as we were able to organise the layout just how we needed it. :)

Another thing we don't get to design often enough is restaurants! Commercial design offers a wider platform of colour and materials, as well as more structural design and outstanding features that residential design - and it goes without saying, there's a clear difference between a public space and a private space. We do love working in residential design though! :)

We don't get that many opportunities to design children's rooms but whenever it comes up, it's very exciting. There's a whole other world of product and furniture design for the little ones that we love to get to explore. Maybe soon! :)