We love the way the Scandinavians to white design and modern furniture. It's clean and simple without being cold or uninviting. We love it so much we could design it ourselves - the problem is, its place is in Scandinavia and to take it away from that culture would not translate well in London. We think. :(

Here's another set of random images we found and liked and inspired us. I especially love the duvet cover / bedspread in the bedroom picture, the third one down. Very this season. ;)

We love the colour red. It's brave and bold and unrelenting - use in moderation, perhaps as a feature wall or as an accent colour in one or two piece of furniture.

I love a bit of Bohemian Charm - the colours, the textures and just the freedom of the Boho style. I think when designing Boho, we have to be careful not to go too random or too mixed in terms of style and colour. Stick to at least some kind of rule of thumb - pick 4 or 5 essential colours and patterns and repeat those.

We've seen a few really cool round mirrors recently, especially with leather straps or holders around, or with simple brass frames etc. We think round mirrors are trending at the moment but as it's such a classic style, you could make some really good finds at antique shops. :)

Wall panelling is making a huge comeback and definitely in a more modern way than before. Although we love the classic mouldings and wall panellings, the more modern styles (or materials) are fantastic too. Our favourite way to use wall mouldings are to use a simple moulding in white and paint the wall in a contrasting colour :)

We're still predicting a shift in modern kitchen design towards a friendlier feel, away from the gloss white we've been seeing for so long. Gloss white will still be here to stay but we've seen a lot more in terms of softer colours and textures. Here are some kitchens we really like:

I think Ikea has a relatively poor reputation with designers but I would have to disagree. I  feel that often Clients who are renovating for investment purposes and don't want to spend hundreds of thousands, or young professionals wanting to refurbish well but at an affordable price, can be put off by interior designers who instantly get out their fancy catalogues of £10,000 dining tables. In fact, using Ikea in a clever way can be a great way to save on costly furniture bills. When used well, Ikea can almost blend into the design and look much more expensive than it really is. That's the trick. ;)

We wouldn't say that pink is especially our favourite colour but we do appreciate a bit of girly colour every now and then. The shades of pink being used recently have been much bolder but it's nice to see a braver shade of pink!