There's minimal and then there's too minimal. The key is to know when you are doing too little or too much when achieving the perfect minimal interior. We feel that the below images demonstrate a good balance of enough and not too much - there is something that the eye is drawn to, either a texture or a colour or an item... but the interior is still MINIMAL. On the other hand, there is enough interest that the interior does not appear cold or bland, either by being too white or lacking in warm lighting.

Quite often people do not consider technology as a part of interior designing. 21st century is an era of progress, meaning that all your appliances are capable of both: doing their job and decorating the space at the same time. Here are some interesting ideas of speakers and sound systems, which could be used to maximise your interior’s “wow” factor.

Yet another surprising winter trend comeback is the 'Gothic' trend - not so much blacks and purples and vampires but a more subtle form of interiors - gothic archways, dark wood, wrought iron windows and rustic chandeliers form the new gothic trend.

The staircase is often an afterthought, but an attention-grabbing, state-of-the-art structure, which will give your home a visual impact and create a striking first impression. It is possible to buy staircase kits for straight runs and spirals, but if you want something special, it is worth to invest in a one-off special bespoke design piece. Then you can choose if your staircase has to fit into an awkward or non-standard space. An interior designer or architect will be able to advise you on what style suits your space best - and whether your staircase should be repositioned.

Interiors trends are definitely shifting recently and in a big way. There is a new metal that has come back into style to compete with the ever-popular steel. Surprisinly, GOLD is making a bit of a comeback - we have seen a lot of finishes in gold recently, mainly in kitchens and especially in sanitaryware. Even last year I would not have ever suggested a gold kitchen tap to a client but gold really is coming back and swaying our beliefs...

Mosaic is the art of creating images with an assemblage of small pieces of coloured glass, stone, or other materials. Modern mosaics tiles do not necessary create a picture, but they still can work as a good way of adding an interesting twist into your bathroom. You can go absolutely crazy with different variations, but the main point is to know the limit and not to over do it. We like plain and matt finished mosaic tiles, as they do not look old-fashioned and help to create a great modern look. 

I love finding small companies at Maison et Objet - designers who give their products real time and effort and a hand-made touch. One such designer that I found was Belgian-based lighting designer Sophie Casier. I love the simple but intricate look of her metal and wooden light shades. The three layers of surface - two horizontal and one vertical strip - create interesting plays of light. The light shines against the wall but also sits on the surface of the material, creating a soft halo of indirect lighting. There is also a version of the lights that come with an LED detail that creates long streaks of angular light reflections on the wall. Overall a fantastic, multi-faceted light shade with lots of customisable details in terms of final wood finish or painted colour. From such an original and innovative designer as Sophie, we shall certainly be using these lights in a project as soon as possible!

Description from the Designer:
A training in fake marble and restoration of old furniture has brought me to decoration and more particularly to lighting, which lead me to create my first wall light, because of the demand of a client for a hotel in Bruxelles. 
Very quickly, the success has been so big that some illegal business copied my model (there is still a legal case going on), but now the model is now fully registered. 
Then followed the creation of another model called Birth2, bigger and in different finishes: polished, brushed, aged, matt lacquer or shiny.
Then some models in wood, as a mirror, so one on the left, one on the right, available in many diff ways, equipped with led lighting. 

And very soon, a floor lamp and a ceiling lamp are already in the creation, I will let you know...

This concludes our Paris Maison et Objet review - I hope you have enjoyed reading about our lovely finds!

Marcelise is another great textile company we got lucky to meet at Maison et Objet, Paris. They produce sustainable, eco-friendly and stylish fabrics. With Marcelise, the designer Chloé Sanier has found the perfect opportunity to develop her very personal design vocabulary, contemporary, sensual, up to date but very much part of the traditional home.

From their website:

The company Marcelise has been born through the desire of its creator to develop textiles for the home which resonate with the spirit of the times, provide great design using resilient fabrics, and crucially, are without danger to either our health or the environment.
For this collection, the designer has chosen to create a range of contemporary necessities for everyday living, using finely woven soft-washed linen.  Derived from flax grown within Europe, the linen is produced in a way which not only supports sustainable development, but which also provides excellent working conditions for those entrusted with its high quality manufacture.

Using fine pure linen, Marcelise collections will feature contemporary graphics and intricate designs.

Irregularly repeated patterns on tablecloths, cushions, curtains and bed-covers, gives the illusion of every product being unique, whilst also providing continuity. Each design is enlivened by enticing coloured detail, both subtle and contrasting, lending the textiles an ability to suit all tastes and interiors.