As much as we try to hide from the cold weather and the steady approach of the festive season, there is no denying that we are very. almost. there. Although an exciting time of friends and family, good food and (hopefully!) some time off from work, it also puts us in a bit of a panic when December finally comes. There's a lot to do before the holidays - both at home and at work! We're already feeling a bit stressed now...

Here are some lovely wintery photos to cheer us up and get us into the spirit of the season.

As December is just behind your door step it feels like Red colour is slowly occupying everything. Red decorations, red clothes and red dreams :) This colour is full of drama and passion and it is not a colour for the faint of heart. When red colour is used thoughtfully, whether on a wall or in a handful of accessories, it can make a room come alive. 

Here is our little dose of redness...

Like fashion, interior design also has trends that come and go with changing of the seasons. The new year of 2014 is almost upon us and it will bring with it a whole host of new fashions and styles. If you’re thinking about sprucing up your home and want to choose something that will be bang on trend in the next 12 months, then here is a list of some of the up and coming interior design trends for 2014 to give you some ideas.

Back to white
Using the colour white, like in these picture galleries here to give a room a sleek look and feel will be very popular in 2014.
As well as being used alone, teaming it up with black in geometric shapes with your furniture and decor is predicted to be another interior design trend over the next 12 months.
If these two really aren’t your colours of choice, then yellow is another colour set to be making waves next year. Adding the odd splash of pink here and there will be another popular design technique too.

Patterns Galore
If you want to decorate your home so that it will look up to date and fresh in 2014, then patterns will be a popular way to do that. In 2014 though, we won’t have to make that agonising choice between spots of stripes because it will be all about experimenting and mixing things up a bit.

 In 2014 th4 interior design of you home will be about more than just something you want to look at and admire. Giving your rooms a textural feel so that it appeals to your sense of touch as well as looking good will be important too. You should want to reach out and touch your walls and furniture as well as simply look at them. You can do this by creating sandy effects or exposing brick work.

Why not make your own
Another one of the trends that is looking set to be big in 2014 is the use of handmade interiors. Things that are knitted (such as cushion covers and throw overs will be especially popular).

Have a look at some of the up and coming trends for yourself and see which ones you like the most and that you think will work best with the space that you have in your home.

For more details visit David Phillips Furniture Website.

Kubikoff is a young furniture company, but with a fast growing popularity in the field. The company follows traditions of the original philosophy of Aleksander Kubikov, designer and architect, to whom the company owes its name.

From Their Website:

The story of the company's creation deserves to be told.

The founders are two brothers: Matteo and Gino Lemson, Dutch by birth, ever fascinated by the history of furniture, and always searching for samples of antiques, vintage items, designs and manuscripts.They then discovered that the manuscript contained designs and notes, in German, taken by one of the students of the Russian furniture designer, Aleksander Kubikov, who lived in Moscow at the beginning of the 20th century.
Any form of innovation was, in fact, persecuted in the young Bolshevik state. Those notes represented the only proof that the Kubikov had succeed in founding his own workshop, and train a few students.We choose to believe that one of them was able to leave the country, before meeting the same end as his teacher.
So, it seems that, thanks to this student, the manuscript, containing the teachings Kubikovs imparted upon his students, integrated with calculations, designs and graphical images, travelled out of Russia.
When, in 2004, Gino and Matthieu moved to Italy to found “Kubikoff Srl”, in the confusion of the move, some boxes, containing devices and documents, were lost. Among these documents was the folder with the precious manuscript, which the Lemson brothers hope can be returned to them someday.

We love tiling bathrooms but sometimes tiling a whole bathroom can be expensive and not wholly necessary. Whenever possible, we use tiles cleverly in wet areas, as needed and leave the rest of the room painted. It looks sleek and works especially well in larger bathrooms. However, in some cases, such as smaller bathrooms or wetrooms, this isn't so easy to achieve.

In smaller bathrooms where we don't want to tile everything the same but when we don't want to create stand-out feature walls either, we try to create variety by using smaller tiles (mosaics, subway tiles or linear strip mosaics), or the same tile colour/finish but in a different size.

For example, we might tile everything in 600x600mm tiles but for a section of a wall in linear strip tiles in a matching colour. Or we tile everything in 300x600mm except that we tile the floor in mosaic tiles. The possibilities are endless. It's an easy way to add interest to a design while still keeping it simple and affordable.

Herbs can flavour a meal, but can also help you to decorate the kitchen. There are a lot of different ideas on how to store or where to grow them. It could be anything from pots to up-side down pots to any baskets...

Here is a collection of 'random' images that we have found to be inspiring this month. November is a month to look for texture and warmth in our interiors and these images have really made us feel inspired to design for winter!

Exposed brick walls were very popular in the late 1900s as people were finding it cheaper to expose the brick in the old houses rather than repairing or replacing damaged plaster. 
Nowadays exposed brick plays a role of a design feature, which adds an rustic charm to the interior. 
There are a lot of tutorials online showing how to expose the brick or how to create an effect of a brick wall if your building does not actually have one.