Happy Friday Everyone! 
Also Have a Beautiful Christmas and a Happy New Year!
We will be back after Christmas holidays and will keep inspiring you.

Christmas is the most beautiful time of year. Getting together with your family, decorating the house and cooking a lot of tasty treats, what could be better. I believe we are still in the process of decoration, so here is some inspiring Christmas decoration pictures. Like the cookies one:)

 We always search for an inspiration when designing a kitchen. Kitchen and bathrooms are usually those spaces which require a lot of attention to details. When looking at the kitchen pictures we are trying to find an interesting combination of finishes or just some clever solutions, as hidden cabinets or a breakfast bar table.

Combination of industrial and rustic style still remains super popular along restaurant owners and interior designers. Exposed structural elements such as brick walls or beams, furniture made from distressed wood and different metal warehouse style accessories will help to bring the desired look together.

Bathroom design is a passion and there are so many beautiful bathrooms to get inspired by. I think it is important to keep the bathroom style minimal, but to use combination of interesting finishes to make it special. Using some dark colours can help to create a focal point of the space, which will look quite dramatical. 

Happy Friday!

Simple dark kitchen can look very sophisticated and minimalistic at the same time. Black marble or dark wood can bring a bit of texture and create a three-dimensional look. It always good to add some light colours into a dark combination to allow light to reflect from it.

Those guys are getting more and more popular with their amazing furniture collection made from natural materials, main of which is salt.

About the company: 
Sculpture and furniture have a symbiotic relationship, both have a long history of re-contextualizing form and function while expanding on ingenuity and design. Materials have always been at the center of this ingenuity; wood, metal, plastic, stone, and marble, have been pushed to their absolute limits of creativity and utility.
AMMA Studio is re-contextualizing form and function once again, only this time, with materials that are not in the traditional canon. Rock salt, sand, coffee, silica, and pink himalayan salt have never been thought of as materials for furniture, but with a unique casting process that also fuses more traditional materials such as cement or plaster, AMMA creates a body of work unlike anything before.
Combining Samuel Amoia's vision for design, color, texture and furniture with Fernando Mastrangelo's conceptual use of materials, and original casting process, AMMA Studio presents an innovative, cutting edge approach to furniture and design.

Using pattern tiles as a feature wall or floor works great in attracting attention. I was thinking of ideas on how to make a small bathroom interesting and by looking at those pictures I think I just found a solution. If you do not have space to create interesting 3D shapes, then you need to work with your 2D spaces, as adding interesting finishing touches to walls and floors.

There is a difference between herringbone and chevron floor layout, but they are both lovely:) First and second picture show chevron layout and the third - herringbone. Keep in mind that most of small herringbone floor blocks come unfinished and lacquer or oil will need to be bought separately. With unfinished wooden floor there is always a small risk of not getting the desired finish colour at the end. It is better to get samples of different oils and to try them on separate wooden pieces first. 

Happy Friday, my dears! Stay positive!

Sometimes when we use concrete or micro-cement for some interior finishes, such as kitchen worktop, fireplace surrounds or bathroom walls, we also time to time try to highlight it by adding some concrete accessories. Lighting pendants made in concrete look very dramatic and cool, and work as practical and decorative items at the same time.

December is here and it is 3 weeks until Christmas week. What a wonderful month it is, full of miracles. December is this time of the year when we start decorate our houses for Christmas, so here are some inspiration for you :)