It's the end of the month so inevitably it's time to share all of my favourite finds from the month. This month's favourites include multicoloured finishes, pastels and large scale artwork. Enjoy. :)

Flos is a company, which designs light. When I say light it is not just lamps and lighting fittings, but it is completely something beyond this. I liked their Soft Architecture collection, which explores the concept of fluid forms and transforms simple lighting fixtures into great features. Of course this collection works better for the commercial sector, but since we have been involved in some office design projects I thought it might be quite  interesting.

A Natural Fusion of Substance and Energy, between Light and Architecture.

Loving light and architecture, melting them in the most creative solutions, looking for the most advanced, lighting and technical aims and fully respecting the environment: Flos Soft-Architecture is the new philosophy to live poetically the fusion of substance and energy. Respecting nature and its balance understanding its value and being inspired by its perfection: Flos Soft-Architecture is the result of an in-depth lighting and technical research on the use of eco-friendly materials (certification Cradle to Cradle) with a low impact on the environment. Flos Soft-Architecture is a perfect fusion of substance and energy and benefits of the most advanced energy saving sources (led, Remote Phosphor led, Power led, cold cathode, compact fluorescent, halogens, IRC/ES) in order to grant a perfect integration of light, architecture and nature.

There's nothing quite like a pop of yellow in a simple, modern interior. It's one of our favourite accent colours to use but using yellow is almost a bit of an interiors 'cheat' so to speak - choosing one key piece of furniture or one carefully placed cushion in yellow can really transform an interior. It's so easy it's like cheating. Almost.

Blue, despite it is the trendiest colour of the season, is very inspirational... When I see blue, I dream about the sea and vacation, summer and bright hopes. Staircase is a symbol of journey and I think this could be very interesting to paint it blue and create some sort of path of dreams:)

Green is a colour we always talk about as being fresh and uplifting but notoriously difficult to design with. If there was a time of year, however, that it would be acceptable to use a bit of green to cheer up an interior, it would most certainly be spring. Here are some great examples of how green can be used to add a bit of pop without being overpowering.

Summer is coming soon...that means we can fully use our beautiful conservatories for sunny breakfasts. Modern conservatories comparing to traditional involve much more glass, which brings a lot of light into the house. If you still do not have one and you do not live in London Conservation area, you can still manage to built it before beginning of the summer under Permitted Developments. Conservation Area residents will need to take into consideration 8 week Planning process, but I guess it is worth waiting :)

This season's major trend colour is without a doubt blue, and indigo, being blue's brooding big brother is featuring heavily in a lot of interiors magazines at the moment. Although the darker shades don't feel very spring/summer, indigo has a maturity and a long-lasting quality that will work throughout the seasons - and will probably outlive the mere trend, too.

If there is one good investment you can make for a home in terms of furniture, a good bed is definitely in the top three.

One of our favourite bed companies is Coco-Mat, who make natural matresses, pillows and duvets from a range of interesting, green materials. Far from being just a gimmick or a compromise between environmental and comfortable, Coco-Mat create beautiful, luxury products that are comfortable, available for a range of needs and tastes and on top of it all, environmentally friendly.

Having tried the medium and the firm-to-medium matresses in Milan, I have to say the Nefeli and Atlas bases have the perfect mix of rough and rubbery materials to create absolute comfort. The mattresses are composed of a variety of materials, including rubberised horse hair, cactus fibres, coco-fibre and natural rubber. The mattress covers, made from cotton, are entirely removable so that they can be easily washed.

Although Coco-Mat also produce furniture to match their beds and mattresses, as well as lovely bath accessories and home furnishings, we are always so enchanted by their beds and mattresses that it's all we can take in! Lovely to have a little rest after a hard days walking around in Milan at the fair, too. ;)

From their website:

Established in 1989, COCO-MAT today is a recognized leader for natural sleep products (mattresses, bed-mattresses, pillows, duvets), bed linen, towels and furniture for homes and hotels. We have a growing network of stores in now 12 countries and are proud to supply customers anywhere in the world.
We are committed to manufacturing the best beds in the world in the most sustainable way possible. COCO-MAT beds consist of multiple layers of natural materials, providing optimal, elastic support to the human body, without the use of metal springs.
All our products are made from natural materials from renewable sources, such as coco fibre, natural rubber, wool, cotton, sea grass, horsehair, silk, linen, wood and goose down.

Kaldewei was founded in 1918, and today it is the fourth generation that is devoted to the combination of steel and enamel with such passion. This was the only way to achieve an exceptional association that guarantees the special Kaldewei quality and durability.

We used Kaldewei for couple of our projects, where customers did not want to spend a fortune on sanitary ware, but still were looking for good quality products. Kaldewei produces affordable bathtubs and shower trays, which look as good as some of the more expensive brands.

Here is a little introduction to the Kaldewei best features of this year, including slim-line shower tray, bath audio system and seamless enamelled shower surface.

Kaldewei Salone del Mobile 2014 Press Kit:

The Kaldewei Superplan with low profile support combines the aesthetics of an ultra flat shower surface with effectively effortless fitting facilitated by an enamelled shower surface that is quick and easy to install. With this complete system, enamelled shower surfaces can therefore be installed with minimal access height even in bathrooms where structural conditions do not allow for fully floor-flush installation.

Scona offers all the advantages of a floor-level shower made of Kaldewei steel enamel 3.5 mm, its tasteful design adding a modern and timeless look to the bathroom. The addition to the range is launched in response to the rising demand for floor-level shower surfaces for any target group and budget, demonstrating once more Kaldewei’s role as a leading innovator.

The new Cayono is the latest addition of a comfortable Kaldewei bath that has what it takes to become a classic. The model from the company’s Advantage Collection appeals with modern design, uncompromising quality and an exceptionally attractive price-performance ratio. The perfect bath for an inviting atmosphere of well-being even in standard bathrooms.

Soft sounds can be relaxing, the favourite song makes happy. Combining the bath with a sound system therefore is a consistent advancement in bathroom design – today, a refreshing bath requires more than water and bubbles. Sound Wave, the first bath audio system from Kaldewei, is quick and easy to combine with any Kaldewei bath model and has a receiver that can play back audio files from a smartphone, computer, tablet PC or any other Bluetooth-enabled device.

Kaldewei’s latest development is a seamless enamelled shower surface with integrated wall outlet: Xetis blends harmoniously with the bathroom floor, its waste outlet discreetly positioned behind the wall so as not to disrupt the purist design of the seamless surface made of superior Kaldewei steel enamel 3.5 mm.

Secure Plus from Kaldewei opens up a new chapter in surface finishes. The new Kaldewei Secure Plus finish uniquely combines safety with style. Thanks to the homogeneous surface, the anti-slip enamel guarantees safety and comfort underfoot without spoiling the harmonious overall look. Combined with the excellent material properties of Kaldewei steel enamel 3.5mm, Kaldewei’s floor-level enamelled shower surfaces with Secure Plus are an all-round safe affair!