After visiting "The Making of Harry Potter..." Warner Bros. Studio tour I got so inspired by the movie props and the whole art department, so I decided to research a bit more about set design. Set designers create the overall look of a theatre, television or film production. In the film and TV industry they are often known as production designers and in the theatre as stage designers.
Set designers need to be creative and imaginative. They will need to be good at communicating with people and stay organised, even when working under pressure. Set design is a close relative of interior design, so loads of interior designers and decorators often decide to switch to set design to try something new.

This month's random likes is one of my favourite posts of the month! I've seen such a great selection of photos but there is something about these that really stands out for me. The colours, the accents, the detailing and the finishes. Enjoy. :)

Summer inspires for outdoor activities, picnics and those romantic nights. What makes a good picnic except good food? Decorations! Right. Washed linen pillow cases and throws, wooden tableware will help to create a stylish rustic look. Garden flowers and candles will do as well. Here are some examples of well organised picnics.

London is a great place to be an interior designer because there is so much variety in terms of buildings from throughout the ages. Whenever we see a property, we try to spot if any of the original Victorian or Edwardian features remain and if we can work with them. Some clients even want to instil some Victorian elegance into their newer properties, which is a style that we have coined 'modern vintage' - the mixing of classical or vintage features with more modern furniture, finishes or decorations (or vice versa).

Kitchens - are like mini flats within the flats, as their design and planning require the same amount of time as sometimes you spend designing the rest of the apartment. Even if it is quite a minimalistic kitchen the design of  cabinets interior and liaising with kitchen supplier might take ages, but we love it anyway:)

As a designer, it's hard not to be inspired and almost obsessed with colours. This year I have gone through stages of being in love with indigo, letterbox red, sunflower yellow and now my new favourite (at least for the next week or two) is MINT!

Muted sea greens, fresh pastel tones and dreamy, minty pools reminiscent of smooth ice cream... this has to be my favourite summer colour!

Buster + Punch were exhibiting at Clerkenwell Design Week. It is a London-born and based interiors brand for those who want to live with conviction. They create daring & permanent lighting, furniture & limited editions. I am pretty much in love with their lighting collection, even though it looks quite masculine
The company started in a small garage in East London, where they discovered a passion for making the things they love. From light fittings to motorcycles, furniture to leather jackets, they expressed their personality the only way they knew how – by elevating the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Buster + Punch not only manufacturing interesting products but they also house a unique and exciting team of designers and they call it a design lab. There are inhouse architects,  interior designers, bespoke construction teams, delivering remarkable residential and commercial spaces for a select few.
Their London workshop is headed up by Massimo Buster Minale who is a celebrated architect and founder of award-winning design agency Minale + Mann. Massimo is a design maverick and has helped lead the way for high-end bespoke design and fabrication in the UK.
They welcome clients who aren’t afraid to stand out from the crowd. I like this motto :)

We love designing bathrooms, even though sometimes it could be quite challenging to fit everything the good bathroom requires inside the tiny square meters of London properties. There are so many options available on the market, from taps to basins and bathroom furniture, that sometimes we feel a bit lost and finding it hard to narrow down and choose just few options. Aww, getting inspired ... :)

Lots of people have to make do with small kitchen areas, so if this part of your home is on the spacious side, you might be counting your lucky stars. When properly planned out, these rooms can have that all-important wow factor and they’re a pleasure to spend time in.
However, designing a large kitchen isn’t as easy as it first sounds. If you’re not careful, the space can end up looking bare. To ensure you don’t fall into this trap, take a look at these top design tips.

Island units
One way to bring big kitchens to life is to include island units within them. These objects help to break up the floor space and they create additional interest. There are lots of options when it comes to island units too. You can include ovens, sinks, storage and more in them. You can also place seating around the units.
When you’re selecting your island, make sure you go for one that suits your kitchen in terms of shape and size. You don’t want to crowd the room too much, but if the items are too small, they can seem dwarfed by their surroundings.

Double up
Given that you have the luxury of plenty of square footage, why not double up on certain items? For example, double sinks can look great and they’re a practical addition to busy kitchens. You can choose from a selection of shapes and finishes.
Similarly, range cookers featuring double ovens are superb for big kitchens. As well as being a more substantial design feature, they come in handy if you’re preparing food for lots of people.
Continuing this theme, it’s worth looking at the double fridges available. Trying to cram your groceries onto already packed fridge shelves may be a thing of the past if you opt for one of these impressive appliances.

Somewhere to store your bottles
Another feature that can look excellent in spacious kitchens is bottle racks. For your reds, an open rack is often best. Meanwhile, if you have the space, a white wine fridge is worth considering too.

Choose your materials with care
Given the expanse of units and work surfaces that will be on show in your finished kitchen, it’s particularly important that you pay careful attention to the materials you use. There are lots of options to choose from, but it’s hard to beat solid wood.
Timber exudes warmth and homeliness, and it can prevent big kitchens from looking clinical and cold. Also, the material is durable and it retains its beauty for many years. It’s now simple to purchase solid wood units, worktops and so on. By heading online, you can take a look at the products offered by firms such as Joseph & Kingsley.

Get the experts in
Armed with this advice, you might be raring to put your design skills to the test. Of course, if you’re not keen to have a go yourself, there’s always the option of bringing in the experts to design your new kitchen.