It's the last day of the month so I once again have some lovely 'random' interiors to share with you. This month I have been particularly interested in different types of tiles, especially retro style wall tiles, as well as interesting window and wall treatments. So here are my July random likes, enjoy! :)

Designing a storage in the loft room could be a bit tricky, as the ceiling height is not even. But nothing is impossible. Here are some good examples of how to fit some storage into awkwardly shaped loft spaces. 

We spend so much time designing beautiful things - hours meticulously choosing finishes and details on architectural aspects of a design, such as a staircase. At the end of the project, we step back and admire a job well done and a good, functional design, but it's not often that we really take time to see the beauty of what has been created. I love these photographs of staircases which show a different perspective and truly appreciate the beauty of the forms designed.

We love concrete and we are happy to use it in one of our current projects. Concrete is a unique material, which could be used almost everywhere in your apartment, from floor to furniture. Get inspired with us.

It's not something we get to design often (being quite specific) but there's something so charming and inspiring about these tiny rooms designed for tiny toddlers. It's not just about pink for girls and blue for boys, these interiors are clever and colourful.

Lighting plays a big role in interior designing. Indirect lighting in the bathrooms is quite trendy at the moment, they help to create this slim look without any additional fittings. Hiding an LED-strip behind the mirrors, in the niches or in the special recessed channels will help you to achieve this atmospheric and a bit magical lighting effect.

One might assume that the Scandinavian look is more suited to winter, with wooly fabrics and textures inspired by the roughness of nature. However, I find that the white, simple Scandinavian look works really well in summer - fresh linens, plywood and white walls - finish the look off with a bouquet of freshly cut summers and you have a fantastic, summery Scandinavian atmosphere.

If you like industrial style, you might appreciate the look of those kitchens. To achieve the style of industrial kitchen, we advise to you use metal finish for kitchen cabinets and grey colour scheme throughout the rooms. Concrete elements, such as worktops or even flooring will only help. 

Wicker seems to be coming back into fashion but with a twist - no longer reminiscent of tacky, outdated furniture that even an up-cycler daren't touch, wicker is back and more stylish than ever. We are loving the Scandinavian style wicker, woven or intertwined to make chair seats and the more 'bamboo' looking chairs (we would still class the look as wicker).