Golden and Bronze colours are still quite popular, but they are not for everyone. Gold and bronze will make the interior to stand up and be totally different, so you need to be sure you will enjoy it. 

This month has been my favourite in a while in terms of the inspiring new designs that I have seen around the web! There were so many random likes to choose from that it was hard to narrow it down - from minimal and modern, to high street hacks done well, to modern luxurious and homely rustic - here are some of my favourites from this month's extensive list.

Common myth about the free-standing basins is that they take a lot of space. I must say it is not true. They are usually the same size as all standard basins, and if you do not consider having a basin cabinet underneath then it could be a good option to be creative in your bathroom.

I love the look of country English homes, especially the modern update with square shaker cabinet doors and traditional smoky grey walls. Working in London means we tend to design towards a more modern and minimal, or towards a modern luxury look so admiring these rustic countryside homes feels very refreshing and inspiring!

Marble is timeless and incredibly beautiful. Marble bathrooms look gorgeous and high-end, however marble is indeed a really affordable material. There are so may different types of marble, but I think they all look just perfect.

There is nothing more stunning as a backdrop to a beautifully designed house or flat, than a beautiful view. If you are lucky enough to have a view, then what better way to make use of this living artwork than to design the windows as large as possible, or to frame a particular view with windows. Who needs artwork when you have a view to die for?

Kitchen breakfast bars are amazing and really good for having a breakfast or a quick supper during the day. If you kitchen is small and you do not have enough space to put a dining table, breakfast bar can solve this problem, as it usually does not take much space.

If you're lucky enough to be refurbishing a property that benefits from intact original beams, what better way to decorate than to bring out the natural beauty of the wooden beams? We love the look of exposed beams, whether they are old and refurbished back to their original state, decorated anew or even when the entire ceiling is designed with the idea of exposed beams in mind. In any case, the contrast between the wood and the wall finish really brings the beams to life.

Personally, I love quotes. They inspire me and sometimes actually make me do something. May be they will inspire some of you as well. Enjoy.