It's time for my favourite holiday of the year - and on that note, also my last post for the Norse White blog. :( I have loved creating, writing and contributing to this lovely blog for the past two years, seeing it grow and reach so many people. I hope you have enjoyed reading my posts but please keep reading as Milena will continue to update the blog. :)

Have a spoookkkyy Halloween!

It has been a particularly good month for my random likes collection so I have a few more images to share. I'm not sure what it is particularly about these photos that strikes me, generally just little details in each that caught my attention. I hope you enjoy as much as I did. ;)

End of the month calls for a round up of some of my favourites. This month I have been enjoying a minimal look with some rustic or one-off items as decorative features. Here are some of those random favourites.

I love the look of a matt colour palette in greys or beiges - creating interest without the need for much colour is a very subtle and stylish way to colour a room. Many of these colour schemes bring to mind Farrow & Ball or Annie Sloan style chalk paint finishes. Very inspiring for us minimal design enthusiasts!

We love the country grey trend that we are seeing lately, which has been dubbed 'greyge' (grey and beige). We are even seeing this lovely colour trend in London, although typically greyge is associated with country style houses. Here are a few 'country grey' / greyge interiors that we think deliver the trend perfectly.

Black and white is a very classic colour scheme to use in the bedroom, here are a few nice examples.

As residential interior designers, we often focus only on residential aspects of design. Maybe it's because our Ardesia style keeps us focusing on lovely, minimal detail, but here are a few great examples of retail design.... all complete with that minimal, Ardesia look. Right up our street. :)

Sometimes staring at four painted walls in a room just doesn't cut it. What we are seeing more and more of is various materials for interior wall cladding - particularly wood panelling. This is relatively inexpensive to do and creates a great effect with a bit more texture than just painted walls or wallpaper. Here are a few great examples.

We love refurbishing a flat or house and helping our clients to furnish their new homes with brand new furniture and custom made pieces for a sleek, modern look. However, there is something great about the charm of an old piece of furniture or a vintage relic that the customer has owned for years. A much-loved dresser, vintage mirror or old mismatched chairs are a great way to give a space personality as well as a personal touch from the client.