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Copper finish for bathrooms is still mega popular. Brands as Dornbracht, Vola, Watermarks have some truly beautiful sanitaryware pieces in rose gold finish, which I am dreaming of using in one of the projects. Do not be afraid to use something else than Chrome in your bathrooms, it will look amazing and will not go out of fashion next month. 

When using a counter top mounted basin, it is crucial to pay enough attention for whatever is going to be underneath this basin. It could be a basin cabinet or a shelf, or a combination of both. When choosing a basin cabinet with drawers, make sure that the handles are placed on a right place. In handless design I would advice to go for touch-latch system, which will allow you to open the drawer without bending, but just with one touch of your hand or leg.

Sometimes we are getting bored of straight lines and trying to use some curves in our design. In one of our latest project we are designing curved doors and joinery with arches and it looks very pretty. Whether it is a wall, a staircase, door or window - adding a curve will make it look smoother and more floaty. 

With our love to bright and light colours we have never paid much attention to beautiful black marble. Looking a bit more into it now I am falling in love, as it looks very sophisticated and not over the top. However, every designer working with a stone needs to be very careful and not make it look like 60's style. Matt marble comparing to shiny will look modern, elegant and very fresh.

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Bronze and copper finishes are still super popular within interior design world. Copper lights look very elegant and truly beautiful, as well as reflect light better. Hanging similar lighting pendant above you dining table will make it more stylish and cosy.

The 2014 International Design Week took place in Milan. From the main exhibition called” Salone del mobile” located in Rho at few kilometres of Milan centre to other many events as “Romeo and Juliet 2.0” (featuring Fontanot’s exterior spiral staircase) or “Baas in Town” by Maarten Baas, the city was definitely full of life.  Mainly working as a photographer, I have been contacted by Mondadori, the biggest publishing editor in Italy, to realise a photo reportage on the last design trends and technologies from all over the world.

For the Norse White’s blog, I have decided to dedicate my pictures of the most beautiful kitchens noticed during the exhibit.

1. My favourite Italian brand for kitchen is without any doubt “Toncelli”. The talented Studio Carlesi Design has designed his latest kitchen. The team has combined beautifully simplicity and new technologies incorporating advanced home automation systems, made in fibre without grooves and handles. The lacquered black colour is elegant, giving a minimalist style and a contemporary atmosphere to the kitchen. Equipped with high technology appliances with tactile surfaces, the tasks of the modern housewives are definitely facilitated.  The large hood is incorporating several soft lights which adds a real something to the overall look of this kitchen.

2. With a totally different design, the Elmar Pavillon is focusing on natural wooden elements. My favourite piece is the oak wood and titanium kitchen table designed by the studio C+S Architects (Diego Collini, Alessandro Mimola, and Davide Testi). The lines are simple but perfectly studied with its 6 feet and the hood enabled to play music, enlighten the cook’s work and of course aspired cooking smells.

3. As my third chose I have chosen the brand Ernestomeda. The last kitchen line called “Soul” deigned by the Italian Giuseppe Bavuso is functional, traditional and also compact with the first target of being practical. Studied for the users to get everything at their fingertips, the sink is large; the main table has several extra storage and accessories to have as much space as possible.

To conclude the dedicated teams of the presented kitchen brands used their creativity to not only entertain their customers but also to give them the best quality materials as aluminium, marble, timber, carbon and wood.

Article by Amandine Dowle
Exposed concrete walls, floors or ceiling are highly popular within new apartments with a twist of urban/ industrial style. Concrete is very diverse and can go with a lot of other styles, being a statement piece. If you are full of live and passion to design, choose concrete for your apartment, and you will not regret it.

We are seeing more and more herringbone fabrics out there. If you visit Chelsea Design Centre, you will find a herringbone fabrics collection in almost every Fabric Showroom, but I cannot blame them, herringbones do look pretty indeed :) Small herringbones look great in upholstery, as from far away it looks almost like plain fabric, so it does not bother your eye so much, but when come closer little pattern appears, which adds this little interest.

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We are finding more and more brick walls around and more and more people, who desire to have them. We have already mentioned how much we love white painted bricks, but today I am concentrating on original red bricks. Red bricks, of course, remind us of some warehouses and therefore industrial interior style. I must agree, it is quite rough looking material, so you need to be very careful and consider well all other finishes and furniture in the room. 

Choosing a desk is a whole new experience and, in a funny way, it makes us feel important. If person has a home office, that mean he has some business to do:) There are so many different variations for desks. It could be plain white, could be textured or even transparent, short, long, with storage or simply minimal. Main two points when choosing a desk: it should correspond your needs and go well with the rest of the house.