Guest Post - Tricks to make a small room more spacious

We cannot all enjoy the spacious comfort of big rooms. Sometimes we have to deal with small dimensions and that presents a challenge. To make the most out of it, you will need solutions and ideas that help with this small problem. Luckily, there are some clever tips on how to cope with the situation and have a space that is not only practical, but also good looking and well organized.

Colors – light hues can make any room appear bigger than it actually is. Brightly covered walls give an open feeling, plus they reflect light better. Dark colors only absorb light and make a room feel smaller.

Fullproperty clearance – chances are, if you live in a small room, everything gets in your way.  Removing it is not only logical, but also necessary in some way. It can be often times surprising how many things we keep around but in reality don’t need and never use. Whatever it is, if you are not using it and it doesn’t hold special value for you, it doesn’t belong in your home. And this is especially the case of small rooms, where space is a problem. A room will seem less cramped if there is less stuff in it.

Multi-purpose furniture – when you cannot fit everything you need, you can go with furniture that serves multiple purposes. For example, you can have a sofa with drawers, a fold-up bed, an extendable table, and many, many more. There are plenty of hidden storage solutions on the market that can solve the problem of fitting everything in a small room. One more thing about furniture in small room is that it’s better to fit in one big piece rather than few smaller ones. This will not cause the problem of cluttering and instead keep the place open.

Mirrors – they do make the room appear larger. If an entire reflective wall doesn’t fit in the room, you can use one full-length mirror against a key wall to provide the illusion of depth. This may sound like a cheap magic trick, but it does the job right. Mirrors serve an additional purpose – they reflect both natural and artificial light to lighten the room. For this reason, placing a mirror in front of the window is best.

Let the light in – you can open up the interior of any small place by allowing natural light in. This can make a huge difference. Use big windows for small rooms to make a connection with the outdoors. Window covers should be sheer, light and pulled back whenever possible to allow light in and give the room more depth.

Arranging and decorating a small room is a challenge, but following these simple tricks can ensure that you do it right. The ‘small’ problem of small rooms can also present a lot of opportunities to try out different solutions till you get the most pleasing result. 

Thank you to Eva Henderson for a great article.