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Being both motionless and emotionless, grey is solid and stable, creating a sense of calm and composure, relief from a chaotic world. Grey colour works good for a neutral kitchen schemes, as it gives a bit more than just a plain white lacquered finish, but at the same time remains well-balanced and not too bold. Grey kitchens could be mixed with colourful accessories or furniture items in order to bring a bit of interest and playfulness to the space.

Every Wednesday we allow ourselves to be a bit random and to post a bunch of pictures, which we find interesting and inspirational. Today we would like to share with you interiors with some bold and brave ideas. 

Lofts are one of the most underused spaces in many houses, often being left empty or used just to store rarely needed items. Homeowners interested in making better use of such areas can add not just useful extra room(s), but consequently increase the value and overall desirability of the property. As an increasingly popular home improvement project, there are now a number of companies who specialize in converting lofts into loveable space and they will be happy to go through each project to ensure that it complies with planning restrictions. This guide will help a homeowner understand the general restrictions on converting their loft and cover the feasibility of undertaking such a project.

Roof extensions & designated land

If your home is within an area of designated land you are extremely unlikely to be granted permission to make extensions to the roof. Such areas include properties in national parks & The Broads, Conservation Areas, World Heritage Sites and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. 

Understanding volume limits
There are strict restrictions on the amount of space that can be added during a roof conversion project. This must also include any expansion works previously carried out regardless of who owned the property at the time. Limits are 40 cubic meters for terraced properties and 50 cubic meters for detached/semi-detached. Check housing plans and deeds if unsure that a section has previously been extended or not.

Consider highways
People are not allowed to extend a roof beyond the plane of an existing roof slope when facing a main road.

Materials & uniformity
Planning officers typically will insist that similar if not identical materials are used when making the extension, so as to maintain the character not just of the property but also surrounding streets and buildings. It is advisable to check with local authorities should you intend on extending with a different material or intend to make the project distinctive enough that it is likely to stand out.

Height limits
No extension will be allowed to be higher than the existing level of the top of the roof. This is in order again to maintain uniformity and help ensure structural stability.

Balconies & platforms
These will not be considered to be permitted developments when attached to a usual roof extension. Perhaps consult an expert to see if there is any way that such a balcony, veranda etc can be added to a lower section of the property if it's really desired.

Types of window
This is an important point that quite commonly may slip the mind. Any extension built to the ends of the property needs to either be entirely served by non-opening windows, or ensure that the parts that open the window (handles/locks etc.) are at a minimum of 1.7 meters above the loft floor.

Overhanging windows & distance from eaves
Planning consent will not include provision for any new windows to overhang the existing wall of the property and will insist that there is at least 20cm distance between the eaves and window-frame.

You may be surprised to find bats nesting in the loft, but if their presence is discovered you might find yourself facing a planning headache as they are a protected species. Consent will likely only be given for redevelopment subject to license and provision being made for the creatures.

As we have seen from these points there are plenty of potential issues to be thought through before committing to a loft extension. Employing the service of an experienced specialist can really make all the difference, check out Bespoke Lofts, a London loft conversions company who can provide professional advice for any project.
In the next year kitchen design is transforming to give people a bit more then just a place for cooking. It is becoming a multi-purpose space that allows fancy meals to be cooked while also acting as a spot of getting together, conversation, dining and social festivities. 

Bold Colours on Trend
This year is a time to give your kitchen a bold colour upgrade with no fear of adding a bit of colour to your interior where you might not have expected it before. Bright colours naturally draw the eye in and creating a focal point within the space. However, bold colours will work better being balanced with lighter neutral tones. 

Industrial Lighting
Good lighting is a key element of any interior. Every kitchen will need to be well-lit in order to keep up with culinary adventures, as well as providing a welcoming  space for get-togethers. Industrial-style lighting is a key trend for 2015 year. Industrial style refers to raw finishes, so black steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, wire caging in place of sconces, clear glass and old-fashioned style light bulbs, rivets and other industrial hardware will look perfect.

Industrial Kitchen Island
Industrial style is taking over interior design ideas and moving slowly to the kitchens. Idustrial style kitchens are taking on a new personality thanks to popular cooking shows that exhibit industrial kitchens that are outfitted with all the restaurant-quality fixings.
The focal point of the kitchen remains a kitchen island and the style of island has begun to mimic a more industrial standard. 

Clever storage
When talking about kitchen trends for 2015, efficiency is all the rage. Kitchen pantry shelves are the best place to put efficiency in the kitchen. Clever storage, which makes the search for the right ingredient easier, should be a priority when it comes to the kitchen upgrade. Shelves that pull out allow to see everything at once without digging in the dark.

Vertical Kitchen Drawers
Vertical drawers have been so popular last few years that they are becoming an absolute must-have element of the kitchen. Those drawers could be added in the most unusual places, making sure no wall space was wasted. This style of drawer also works well for those small and sometimes hard-to-store items like spices.

Decorative Kitchen Island
Kitchen islands are becoming more than just a cooking station in 2015—they are acting as home and decor furnishings. This year kitchen islands are transforming from culinary base to a display case.
Consider incorporating glass or mirror doors on island storage units, or refurbish an old barn table into an island by adding lower shelving units for storage. Regardless of the style you choose make it a statement.

Kitchen Flooring
The most popular kitchen flooring in 2015 will be porcelain tiles. Porcelain tiles come in different colours, patterns, and textures, as well as they last long and do not require any special maintenance. Nowadays, stone and wooden effect tiles are booming the market, so tiles achieve any look, but in a more cost effective way.

More Tiles
Next year is definitely looking to be a tile revolution in the kitchen. This year design options vary from tiled kitchen splash-back to fully tiled kitchen walls. Not only does it provide a water resistant surface, but allows for easy cleaning. Colourful tiles gives your kitchen a fun and edgy look, allowing to follow the bold colours trend of this year.

Return of Brass
Good design is always noticeable by its details. Kitchen is no exception to this rule. Adding a bit of brass details, like handles, taps or even cooking pans, can turn your kitchen into a very elegant space. Brass lighting pendants could be also considered.

Smarter Kitchen
With new technology gadgets being released every month you might want to upgrade the kitchen with one of them. Embracing charging stations within your kitchen design will make it unique and ‘smarter’ in 2015.
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Antique mirrors have been quite popular within a design world for quite a long time now and looks like they are not planning to go anywhere. Recently we have purchased a really nice antique mirror for a Client of ours from Louise Bradley and this is why Rough Old Glass company caught my attention at the show. Wide range of different mirror shades and textures makes this place a designer's heaven.

From their Website:
Rough Old Glass was born from the combined experience of two people... a Restorer & Conservator, who worked within the National Trust & English Heritage for over a decade in the fields of carving, gilding and furniture restoration and an Upholsterer & Dealer of Antique French Chairs & Mirrors.

For years we had sourced frames from France to restore, many of which had lost their original mirror plates. We developed our technique of hand silvering and distressing glass to replace the missing or broken originals.

We have handled countless pieces of antique mirror glass and this level of exposure to genuine aged glass has enabled us to produce a range of hand silvered, antiqued mirror glass finishes, which portray the unique qualities of old mirror glass.

Initially marketing our reproduction antiqued mirror glass to other Dealers and Restorers we quickly realised the potential for Rough Old Glass to be used as a decorative surface finish and it now appears in many private homes, bars, restaurants and hotels Nationwide.

Another great company I discovered during Surface Design Show was Cliqdesigns. They create bespoke quilted acoustic panels, headboards, throws, bed covers...basically anything which could made of a fabric. They provide several standard pattern designs you can choose from, but they can also work on any bespoke options you have in mind.
From their website:We all like the way quilted fabric makes us feel. What we do transforms material: goodbye flat, lifeless cloth, hello super-tactile 3D quiltscape.
So take a look at our whole range of quilting designs, or, if you’re feeling adventurous, have a chat with us about our bespoke quilting know-how, where we make your sketch come to life in stitch.But we don’t stop there – We make the products as well. From bed sashes, throws , cushions and valances right through to acoustic panels and ottomans. All made to our rigorous standards right here in the UK, with green credentials to boot.Whether you’re a designer, hotel owner or furniture maker we have over 25 years of making things (happen). Give us a call and let us know how we can make your project outstanding… Go on, take a look!

Last week we visited Surface Design Show in Business Design Centre, London and were positively surprised we some new suppliers. One of them was Italian tile manufacturer called Caesar. They had some interesting collections to show, including a concrete effect tiles in different colours and matching pattern tiles. 

From their website:
Since 1988 we at Ceramiche Caesar have produced 100% Made in Italy top quality porcelain stoneware.

Our products are produced in Italy using safe raw materials, manufactured by highly qualified personnel operating in an ethically-sustainable workplace and with eco-compatible avant-garde technology. 
Marking our products with the Made in Italy label is, to us, of primary importance, a concept that supersedes mere geographical indication to include key values such as passion, attention to detail, quality and respect. The consolidation of our sense of social responsibility and the expression of human, ethical and aesthetic principles. 
This exclusively Italian “Culture of the material”, that has always set us apart from our competitors, saw us immediately embrace and adhere to the “Ethical Code” promoted by Confindustria Ceramica and we are committed to clearly indicating the origin of our porcelain stoneware ceramics, thus guaranteeing the maximum respect and transparency towards customers and final users. 
The Ceramics of Italy mark promoted by Confindustria Ceramica, the association of Italian ceramic producers, identifies the Made in Italy products of the member companies who have adhered to ethical code.

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Red is our everything :) Red is a colour of love and passion and during this week dedicated to St. Valentine's celebrations we share with you our favourite spaces with a dash of red. 

Let's say we found a present and now comes the time to think about its packaging. Nowadays simple design still tends to be the trendiest, therefore simple brown or white paper with a red ribbon would be perfect. See some examples of creative packaging below.