Creative Varnishing

Now wood varnish is not something most people get excited about, but it is actually a great product that you can use in a variety of ways in and around the home. There is a lot you can do with modern varnishes.
Here are a few ideas and an overview of the different kinds of varnish you can buy.

Restore and protect wooden furniture
Of course, the main use of varnish is to treat wood, and that is what I recommend you primarily use it for. You can use varnish anything made from wood and bring it back to life.
It is easy to transform boring cheap wood into a thing of beauty. The varnish will bring out the grain and give it a deeper and richer look and feel. For most jobs, like painting furniture, the best option is to buy a good quality quick drying varnish.
However, if you own expensive or antique furniture, you should not use varnish to restore it. This is because doing so could adversely affect the value of that furniture. It is much better to employ a professional to restore this kind of furniture.
Varnish is a fantastic way to protect and restore a wooden floor. For this job, good preparation is crucial. If you are simply adding another coat to a floor that is in good condition you just have to make sure that the surface is completely dust free before varnishing it. It is important to follow the preparation process outlined on the tin.
It is important to sand the floor back to its original finish if the existing finish is worn or compromised. If you do not do that, you will never achieve a good result.
When varnishing floors it is important to use a varnish that has been designed for the job. The finish on floors has to be durable. This means that it is important to use a varnish that is specifically designed for use on floors. Choosing a quick drying varnish will make it easier to get a good result.

Varnish your home artwork
If you or your children enjoy painting with acrylics, you can use varnish to protect and preserve the painting. It adds a sheen and really helps to pull a painting together. For this job, it is best to choose a varnish that dries to a gloss finish. It looks better and is easy to clean.

Re-finish other surfaces
Adding a layer of varnish to practically any surface gives it a new look and feel. You can transform relatively boring kitchen cupboards, worktops, tables and cabinets by giving them a new high gloss finish. The type of varnish you buy for these jobs depends on the surface you are covering. For these kinds of jobs, you need to discuss your options with your paint retailer. The chemicals in some varnishes can react with the surface you are covering, so you need to ask if you are using varnish on anything but wood.

Always buy good quality varnish
Whatever project you are going to tackle make sure that you buy a good quality varnish. Buying a proprietary brand is the best way to ensure that you get good results.