Smooth surfaces, monochromatic palette and good lighting will never go out of fashion.

Happy Friday! Try something new this weekend!

This combination always puts me in good mood, brings to mind some sunny cottage interiors, where time goes slowly. I like the effect that natural patina gives, little industrial, a bit of rustic. This style can be good solution if you are bored of perfect/modern interior. Get the vintage look!

Hallways are not always high on the list of decorating priorities but we think that they should not be underestimated as it is quite important to get them right. The most important aspect is to make the hall as clutter-free, bright and inviting as possible. Stylish hallway solutions such as benches, console tables and different hooks and hangers will do the job perfectly.

Nice-looking dining rooms are quite easy to get. Find the perfect chandelier, a modern foot lamp, some patterned details and beautiful chairs. Keep it simple but not too simple!

Wood effect tiles are one of the key emerging trends in interior design right now, capturing the beauty of natural timber and combining it with the durability and ease of maintenance of tiles.

Have a happy weekend!

 As it has been spotted in Elle Decoration - "Powder Pink and Grey is a colour combination made in heaven". This is indeed a very good combination of colours, as pink adds a bit of softness and grey balances it out, by keeping it quite neutral and not too "girlie".

Those two colours are excellent if you want to create elegant yet moody bedroom. Mix it with simple linen, light surrounding and don't go out from bed for the whole day.

Marble and Wood are one of the most beautiful natural materials, which could be used by interior designers to create interesting and elegant spaces. Both materials could be used in the bathrooms when sealed properly. Porcelain tiles with a wooden effect finish could be a good alternative to the real wood.

Usually we recommend pure and light interiors to our clients. Yet strong, powerful tones may create unusual atmosphere. Depending how you play with colours and match them altogether you can calm down or stimulate your mind.