Nice and cheerful chairs available in a variety of colours.
From their website:
Conceived, created and produced with craft, vigour and knowledge. Chairs developed to international requirements and therefore in line with marketing needs. Chairs, but not just chairs. Behind the scenes there is a love of the Trade, entrepreneurial exuberance, a professional workforce and a continuous monitoring of market development and innovations, Chairs & more, who else?

Jamjar is quite interesting brand that we've seen on 100% Design exhibition. It's all handmade design - from lights, bulbs and ceiling rose to industrial style fixings, shades JamJar lights, made from iconic Kilner jam jars.

Wood and concrete or its little brother microcement are truly beautiful materials for building and finishing the space. Combination of those two materials looks very balanced and very trendy.

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White is pure and usually associated with beauty and good taste. White on white on white can help to create an extreme and edgy minimalist design. Those architectural kitchens look really cool and will be on trend for a long time. However, adding a splash of colour is easy within a white environment. Using a strong colour on one wall, or highlighting a selection of well chosen colourful cookware items will add an extra interest.

Some nice pieces of furniture and accessories can change kid's room into really cool place to play, and rest. It is significant to be inspired by good design from an early age. 

Children table £204.40

Otto 1 Stools £71.50

Rocking Horse Mustang/Paripa £175.20

Psalt Design
S2 Clock £77.00

Organic cushions £26.00

Internal windows could be a good solution to bring more light into small and dark rooms. Windows could also work as partitions, separating different zones within one room, like kitchen and dining room or bedroom and ensuite. 

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Exposing the floorboards in some old houses could be a cost effective alternative to installing new wooden floors. It will do the job and create some nice rustic interior look. However, floorboards were designed to be covered with a heavy layer of carpet and underlay, so draughts, squeaks and unsightly gaps are a common side effect of going back to basics. If you are aware of all the down sides of the exposed floorboards, than here is a good article by HomeBuilding & Renovating on how to expose them correctly.