Happy Halloween! Enjoy your weekend!

Choosing matt black or grey kitchen cabinets is a bold choice, but complemented with an interesting worktop, like stone or stainless steel, it could be the real feature of the house. 

Decorative wallpaper can be a good alternative to paintings or posters. Remember to keep the rest of the space clean and simple in order not to have it overdecorated.

The journey of over-dyed rugs began in Turkey during efforts to revitalize old hand woven rugs. Vintage rugs were first decolorized and then over-dyed. The mix of traditional designs with a contemporary effect became the celebration of chromatic compositions. Those rugs are a great transition between old and new, classical and modern, and can live almost within any interior space. 

There is nothing more cheerful than variety of colours on gloomy Monday.

Happy Friday! Relax and Enjoy Autumn.

Few days ago my friend reminded me cool Amiga game we played when we were children. Clumsy troglodyte jumped all over the platforms seeking food and victims.  Such a good inspiration for today's post!

Wood is warm and welcoming material. Wooden lighting piece will go well together with the wooden floor or a wooden dining table, bring even more Scandinavian cozyness to the interior.

A little bit of industrial, a little bit of posh. Beautiful light's design is a great feature of the space.

Kitchen is one of the main spaces in the house and bringing some feature elements into it, such as interesting cabinets' finish, unique floors or creative lighting pendants can highlight it even more.