Merry Christmas to all our beautiful followers! 
Wishing you the best during this joyful season. I hope your holidays are filled with festivities and plenty of merry enjoyment.

We will be back to blogging for you on 4th of January :)

Ho Ho Ho! Today is already Christmas Eve and most of us are going home, wherever it is :) Have a wonderful Pre-Christmas mood! :)

If you want to live beautifully you need to sleep beautifully as well! Here are some ways to make your bed look amazing.

1. Keep it simple
Plain colours and subtle surfaces work good in smaller rooms. Modern and neutral look.

2. Warm and cozy
If you want to keep clean and light colours, why not to play a little with surfaces or fabrics? Add nice wool blanket or pillows and stay in bed for the whole winter!

3. Boho style
Eclectic mix of patterns, colours and prints. Play with red and indigo to get energising yet sentimental combination for artistic people.

4. Trendy
Geometric prints and patterns are the hottest trend nowadays. Mix and play with colours and contrasts!

Wooden bathroom cabinets is a good way to add a bit of warmth to your bathroom, as it will go well with almost anything. There are different type of wood and different stain colours available on the market, so matching it with your chosen tiles will never be a problem.

 If you got bored of golden or red decoration, grey may be the best for you! This very elegant and neutral tone may not be jaw-dropping from the first sight - but juxtaposed with other tones and lighting can give unlimited options to create magical atmosphere.

Have a beautiful Friday! For quite a few of you out there today is the last working day before Christmas - enjoy and have fun! We are still here and almost there :))) 
Have a brilliant weekend!

Very light and very modern. Frame chairs look good in every interior, no matter how large or small it is.


Alias Design
Kobi Pad Small - 042
RRP: £63.00


Add Interior
Angel Stool 42cm
RRP: £146.70

Riva Chair
RRP: £188.30


RRP: £54.80


Within Home
Saturn Chair
RRP: £36.67


OK Design
Acapulco Chair
RRP: £254.90

We like IKEA, it also makes us happy with their new collections. VINTER 2015 collection has a great range of Nordic Christmas decorations. We picked 8 of our favourites.

1.Vinter2015, rolls of tape.                                                2. Vinter2015, Gift wrap rolls.
3. Vinter2015, Birdshouse hanging decoration.              4. Vinter2015, Bird felt hanging decoration.

5. Vinter2015, Bauble lace                                                  6. Vinter2015, Block candle

7. Vinter2015, Bauble decoration                                       8. Samspelt, Copper colour deer