We spotted those convex mirrors during Surface Design show and since then was thinking of the ways how those could be incorporated within our designs.

Convex mirrors could be hung above the fireplace to visually enlarge the space and add an interesting effect. Antique finishes look especially interesting.

It is last week of Christmas and it is time to wrap to presents. Have you done all your Christmas shopping or you leaving it for last minute? 
We prepared for you few creative ideas on gift wrapping.

1. Black paper + white pen
White pen on black paper always looks nice, not ordinary and artistic. Add red ribbon to add Christmas mood.

2. Add Christmas postcards or winter landscape photos
This is a nice way to attach a Christmas card to the present, as well as to decorate a wrapping itself.

3. Add some greens
Recycled brown Kraft paper (which can be found in big rolls at your local craft, office supply or dollar store) is a great anytime gift wrap. Tie with twine and embellish with a pinecone and evergreen clippings from your backyard for gift wrap that's easy on the environment and your wallet.

Few months ago during Design Junction in London we spotted this new interesting lighting pendant from Vitamin. Pitch Pendant has a very nice and practical concept, which allows to turn the outer shade of the pendant and direct light in any direction. The bands of the outer shade create varying tonal strips of colour. With an iconic silhouette when hung alone, the lines of the lamp also complement each other when jung as a cluster.

Rawness of concrete, especially in the industrial interior, juxtaposed with warm velvet furniture and soft furnishing makes stylish living space.

Viabizzuno supply more of the architectural and commercial lighting, but we found few quite interesting pieces that could be used in residential houses and make a difference.

Movable soundproofing partitions divide a single environment in different areas, in the office or at home.

Edizioni is another Italian company that produces modern, but sophisticated lighting pieces. Here are some examples of their products, that can highlight any room.

Happy Friday everyone! We are having Christmas lunch today and it is starting to feel all festive! :)

Also, today in Elle Decoration we learnt a new word HYGGE that is currently trending and working well for the Christmas season. 
Hygge to everyone! ;)

New bathroom collection by EX.t is just hitting all the current trends. Stylish and functional.
Ex.t is an Italian design brand, which manufactures bathroom furniture, accessories and lighting. An innovative brand which mixes the international vision of its designers with the Italian expertise in the use of techniques and materials; the products are essential, multifunctional and handcrafted by Tuscan family run ateliers with special care and attention to the finer details.

It is always worth to consider threshold design. There is a lot of different options in the market, such as brass stripes, wooden T-sections. This little detail impacts the overall look and shows the quality of the interior.