As we all love blue we have made a selection of chairs in this cool colour.

The most popular range of Marble we usually specify is Carrara Marble. However, seeing more and more pink shades around we were really inspired by Rose colour marble. If pink shade of marble is quite bright, then it is better to combine it with something more subtle - white or grey kitchen and bathroom cabinets. 

Mismatched dining chairs are hot trend. Playing with different colours or shapes can work well!
What to pay attention to?
Keep it in the same style. Industrial works better with industrial than rococo chic, especially when you feel you into mixing some colours and textures.
If you really like to put different styles together, it will be safer to keep it in the same colour. 

Rose Quartz was selected as one of the Pantone's Colours of the Year 2016 and therefore there is no need to be afraid of pinky shades. Rose quartz is quite neutral and calming, but at the same time quite live, and adds some spring freshness to the space. 

This shade of pink works very well for soft furnishing. Curtains, blinds, bed linens, decorative cushions will all look very inviting in this colour. 

Happy Easter!

Industrial-style bedrooms have an edgy, raw appeal that is undeniable when done right. With stripped-back look of the style, these bedrooms work perfect for the contemporary home that embraces a hint of semi-minimalism. From the humble and the vintage to the sleek and stylish.

With a bank holiday weekend just being round the corner we allow ourselves to dream for a little bit. Are you travelling during Easter and if yes, what is your destination?

After many rooms with soft tones and black and white scheme, we want a bit of colour! We love having the chance of coming into children’s rooms designs where they dare to use every kind of colours. Kids have stuff, and they’re not always neat. They usually love to display their artwork, their rooms are filled with toys and they love to add stickers and posters on the wall. In real children’s spaces, we mix cheaper and more expensive solutions, old and new products, kid’s crafts and more…