Just spend all day in a bed listening to the sound of the rain outside.

Wästberg is a Swedish lighting brand, manufacturing lighting pieces for domestic, hospitality and contract use. The brand was born in 2008, but already received more than 50 awards and nominations for design excellence. Swedish designers always know how to create something simple, but elegant at the same time. This is what we call Swedish aesthetics. 


Visited Clerkenwell House of Culture during design week and saw a very nice furniture brand called Resident. This is a New Zealand company, which specialises in contemporary furniture and lighting. At the moment they have 7 designers, 15 furniture and 22 lighting design pieces. 

Frame & Rest, the collection is inspired by bathroom consoles from industrial interiors and mid 20th century Danish design furniture, resulting as a light, airy set of bathroom furniture which can evolve along with the home whilst decorating many different living spaces. The line features a modular system of consoles and furniture, along with an elegant daybed and a pouf suitable for the bathroom and beyond. Embodying a Nordic attitude with the Italian core of traditional craftsmanship, this collection is conceived for a new market which is more and more asking for versatile bathroom furniture.

Frame is a modular system of bathroom consoles and furniture. Featuring a straight and minimalist design, it turns as a delicate graphic piece with a Nordic allure. Frame is a flexible system consisting of a number of black graphic frames, customisable depending on your needs and with a functional purpose. The main steel structure is designed to accommodate the basin as well as a counter top in various material such as wood, LivingTec®, marble and stone, while the inside allows you to hang a varnished wood cabinet or a drawer for storage.

Yellow is a perfect colour to bring some sunshine into your kitchen. Adding chairs and stool in some bright colours can always help to make this neutral coloured kitchen a bit more live.

Viabizzuno design and manufacture lighting fittings for a variety of markets including retail, museum, private, historical, hotels and restaurants. We were stunned by this contemporary yet very sophisticated look. This Italian brand obviously takes decorative lighting options to a new level of elegance combined with minimalism.

This exclusive brand of modern decorative and architectural lighting has been in the market for last 22 years.


Happy Friday, everyone! 

Little Owl is a design studio based in Amsterdam, which was founded two designers Bruce Wayland and Marcello de Simone. Studio specialises in ceramics, glass and wallpapers. 

During Milan design week we saw their recent ceramic collection "From a Different Cloth". This collection is a culmination of two year project to cast antique forms of plates layered with textiles into pigment-coloured stoneware, resulting in a wonderfully tactile and colourful collection.

Those ceramic plates could be used in traditional way as tableware, but as well as wall decoration.

Recently we had one of the tile suppliers in our office presenting their new collection and they mentioned that tile sizes are increasing every year. If 50 years ago it was fashionable to tile the bathroom in 30x30cm tiles then now the most popular sizes are like 60x60, 90x90 and bigger. But at the same time modern retro styles are quite popular too and when we saw those lovely bathrooms (first 4 pictures) finished in small square tiles designed by Australian Designer Dan Gayfer Design, we fell in love. Contrast grout makes it quite special too.