Black is not the colour that we usually use to cover a wall or joinery but if used in good proportions will work as a nice feature. To get the trendy look juxtapose it with light surfaces, marble and a bit of velvet.

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SHARE Scandinavia is great book to have in your house, especially if you are into art.

SHARE Scandinavia draws together an eclectic mix of work to demonstrate the breadth of Scandinavian artistry, landscape, design and culture. The joy in this book is not only its instant coffeetable appeal, but also its tactile and tangible nature. SHARE Scandinavia offers the observer a unique opportunity to delve into a plethora of images that reflect various aspects of Scandinavian life. And most importantly, all the pages retain their necessary perforated edge. Therefore, each individual piece can be teased out and torn from the book, admired and adorned on your own wall, or perhaps better still, shared with someone else. 

The predominant focus of SHARE is of course to admire the artwork, but to also make art present in a person’s everyday life. Collating a book of this sort means that owning art becomes an accessible reality for everyone. The process to gather this inspiring artwork was no mean feat. Over 350 artists, from around the globe, have been whittled down to curate a cohesive and crafted collection to represent a Nordic way of life - via art. This book includes awe-inspiring landscapes to images of minimalist furniture design, delicate illustrations to striking photography of all things Scandi. 

SHARE aims to unearth the artists that are doing something a little different. We wanted to move away from generic Nordic imagery, whilst maintaining that very definite Scandinavian aesthetic. This platform offered the artists, such as Tekla Evelina Severin, Isabella StÃ¥hl and Chiara Zonca (to name but a few) an opportunity to do just that. This allows in insight into their fascinating stories and backgrounds – a factor that ultimately contributes to the viewer’s connection with the art in their hands. Beautiful, compelling, and absolutely sharable, the art in SHARE Scandinavia is a pleasure to behold. Why not experience an alternative and unknown collection of artwork that may just inspire you to visit and admire Scandinavia for yourself. 
We are doing some design research on coffee shops design and particularly looking into bar style seating next to the windows. This is a cool trick and works both ways for the Client and for the cafe owner. Those bar style seating areas are perfect for customers who came alone and do not feel like taking the whole table and might potentially feel awkward , catching other people glances. Seating facing the street gives you both entertainment as you can see what is happening outside and at the same time you get some privacy. For cafe it works as a marketing tool, as a live advertisement, showing that their business is doing well and there is chance to show what is being served.

Bar stools come in different heights and you need to make sure they work fine with your table height as well. 

We quite like how they incorporated lighting pendants above the table, making it look more cosy.

Pink in a main role.

A home viewing is more than just presenting the basic layout of the house. Chances are, they’ve already made up their mind on how their dream house will look, your job is to sell them the dream and bring it to life.

It won’t come as a surprise to you, the reader of an interior design blog - that furniture makes or breaks a home. The midway stage between selling your current home and buying your next is always an incredibly daunting one. Trying to get your home sold as quickly as possible so you can move on with your life will likely take up your evenings. Good luck finding any time when you’re working. Some people even find themselves in a new property with no furniture at all – all you want to do is relax after how stressful listing a property is.
I’d definitely explore your options before you decide to move all of your furniture across the country, or before you drop a huge amount on brand new furniture! I’d really recommend furniture hire in London or your equivalent city for the urban working professionals – career moves happen so spontaneously that you might even find yourself moving address months later, the last thing you want is to find yourself in the same position again - trying to shift your leather sofa across the continent!

Moving swiftly onwards, let’s find out what style tips you can make the most of when preparing your house for home viewing!

Area is one of the key factors in buying a house. Where do you live and what are the key landmarks? Put yourself in the shoes of the buyer and think hard about why they’re looking to purchase a property in your area. Match your styling to the main selling points of the area – if it’s an inner city property, try to modernise your furnishings as you’re likely advertising to a business orientated professional. If it’s a seaside property, then try to present your property in calming pastel colours and make the most of the natural light.
If you’re refurbishing your property before a purchase, then you could even consider making the most of local design influences in your furniture choices. For instance, a rural or woodland facing property could really bring out stylistic elements of mahogany, oak or maple. There’s even the opportunity to contrast your design features against the backdrop and almost create another world within a landscape. A natural paradise making full use of organic furniture like painted woods and hand carvings would look unbelievably impressive against an industrial scene.
Check out our post on Home Trends that Will Flourish in 2016 if you’d like a better idea of what’s in this year.

Let the space do the talking. Over furnishing an apartment prior to viewing can affect your ability to sell. I’ll say it again because I feel really strongly about it – make the most of the natural light. If the natural light is blocked by unnecessarily positioned furniture pieces, then you aren’t advertising the full potential of the property.
Outlining visually clear walking areas and passage through the property is going to hugely influence the homely feel that your viewers will get when they arrive. There’s nothing worse than feeling constricted by overwhelming elements of a room. It also creates flow in between your rooms, allowing your viewers to smoothly transition between the areas of the property when viewing – ideally similar to how they’ll move when they buy.

It ties in really nicely with the space element of home viewing. So make sure there’s a purpose to each room when you present your property. Whilst you might be making use of a smaller room as storage room – could you dress it up as a guest room? Maybe you could declutter entirely and display it as an extra room, making your would-be purchaser think that they’re getting even more for the price.

If it’s a bedroom, make sure you advertise it as a bedroom – show the viewer the potential of your residence. Whilst combining living quarters is an excellent use of space once you’ve settled into a property, as it creates space in other areas – It doesn’t tell the whole story of the house. A clearly defined purpose to each room lets the future owner know exactly what they’re getting into and starts to get them thinking about how they could furnish each room if or when they decide to buy.
There are a number of design ideas that can be seen over at the Ardesia Design website. I hope they get across how effective a minimalistic design aesthetic and use of space is!

Author: Nathalie Martin
Storage is one of the most important parts of the good interior. The better is the storage the better and cleaner looks the interior of the space.

Bedroom wardrobes are essentials, but how to decide on which look to go for and what interior features to select.

Let's start from the exterior look and especially doors design, which will of course depend on the interior scheme of the room.

If you are into more classical interior style, then doors with decorative mouldings or decorative cut outs could look very good.

If you prefer contemporary style, than there are plenty options to choose from.

-Plain Lacquered doors.

- Wooden veneer.


Door could be with handles or with grooves for opening.

When the exterior part of the wardrobe is designed we can move inside to plan the layout and required features. 
The essentials are hanging space, shelves and drawers and it depends on you how many of each would you need.

The best way to design the interior parts is to see how many of coats, shirts, dresses you have that need to be hanged, how many sweaters and other items that will need shelving, and if you have plenty of shoes, hats, etc. If you are hiring a designer, than he will be able to help you to design an appropriate storage space to accommodate everything. If you are doing it yourself, you can browse through internet, collecting ideas of wardrobe features available and then present it to the joiners/ cabinet makers.  

Ikea PAX wardrobes have a lot of good different features and could be helpful as a starting point.

TOC Hostel in Seville was designed by Spanish GCA Architects. It is a good example of nice and practical design. Hostels are a great inspiration source for design of small spaces, as well as bedrooms in holiday apartments and kids rooms. Toc Hostel offers both suites and dormer rooms, but even dormer beds look quite cosy with an individual private nooks.

Workspace should provide any person with a feeling of ease but it is absolutely essential that they inspire a person to work harder.
It is very simple to get distracted while working so care should be taken and all possible useless distractions should be avoided in the workspace, to promote maximum motivation and diligence. If the workspace is small, it can be a bit tricky to decorate it so it is up to the decorator how he wants things to be placed around.

Smaller spaces tend to get cluttered up quickly so avoid all items that can seem too chunky for a small office space. The absolute essentials should be a desk to support all the computers and devices, a comfortable chair, a filing cabinet and some sort of book shelf for added splendor. Workspace can be even more confined if it is just a table that needs to be decorated. It is crucial to identify and appreciate the whole space first before devising a decoration place.
Biggest tip that can save a lot of money is to make a floor plan, outlining all your crucial needs and wants before actually buying and decorating the work area. This way a person has a clear and lucid idea of what he wants and how to go for those things only which are necessities. It is easier to make a budget along the similar lines. Furniture should ideally be minimal in a work space area.
The only fundamental requirement when it comes to furniture is of an office chair, with a sturdy desk. Other than these basic furnishing items, the room might look too crowded so the focus should be on these two primarily. Chairs need to be extremely comfortable, but not too cozy that a person feels sleepy on them. They need to support a proper working posture which can keep an individual from feeling drowsy while working. Going after chairs which have arm rests and built in massagers can be a great way of cutting down on costs.
Maximum storage should be the biggest advantage of designing your own small workspace. Since the area is compact, it is advised to incorporate glass shelves in filing cabinets and other storage spaces just to provide a glimmer of chicness in the whole area. If every furniture item has some sort of storage place available, it will also be cheaper because one does not have to pay for extra storage separately.
The working desk is another important factor that usually gets ignored. It is advised to go after the perfect size of desk, which is not too big or too small. The additional drawers can be a bonus in terms of storage and money saving. Instead of going after hefty wooden desks, one can opt for a more stylish and sleek glass and metallic table, which is not only pleasing to the eyes but also budget friendly. Appropriate material will ensure cleanliness of the desk, something that a person can monitor himself.
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Light pink can refresh the whole interior in a charming way. Combine it with light blue or green to get a subtle look. Add a bit of bitter chocolate for the wow- factor.