How to design Bespoke Wardrobes

Storage is one of the most important parts of the good interior. The better is the storage the better and cleaner looks the interior of the space.

Bedroom wardrobes are essentials, but how to decide on which look to go for and what interior features to select.

Let's start from the exterior look and especially doors design, which will of course depend on the interior scheme of the room.

If you are into more classical interior style, then doors with decorative mouldings or decorative cut outs could look very good.

If you prefer contemporary style, than there are plenty options to choose from.

-Plain Lacquered doors.

- Wooden veneer.


Door could be with handles or with grooves for opening.

When the exterior part of the wardrobe is designed we can move inside to plan the layout and required features. 
The essentials are hanging space, shelves and drawers and it depends on you how many of each would you need.

The best way to design the interior parts is to see how many of coats, shirts, dresses you have that need to be hanged, how many sweaters and other items that will need shelving, and if you have plenty of shoes, hats, etc. If you are hiring a designer, than he will be able to help you to design an appropriate storage space to accommodate everything. If you are doing it yourself, you can browse through internet, collecting ideas of wardrobe features available and then present it to the joiners/ cabinet makers.  

Ikea PAX wardrobes have a lot of good different features and could be helpful as a starting point.