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Tiles can add some interesting texture to the kitchen space. Adding a contrast colour grout will highlight the pattern.

Recent study showed that bedrooms were the most re-decorated spaces in the house. With those few trick you will be able to achieve a more luxurious feel to your bedroom without spending thousands. 

Go Darker on the paint.
It could seem that subtle tones are more usual for bedroom decor, however, darker paint can make things feel more high end. If you are worried about paint the whole room dark, you can always paint only one feature wall behind the bed instead. 

Using wallpaper on the feature wall.
Wallpaper behind the bed can add an extra design twist to the space. Papering only one wall will also cost less, so you can choose something a little bit more luxurious.

Adding a Headboard.

A soft headboard, usually in velvet fabric, is a good way to upgrade a cheaper bed. It looks wonderful, as well as feels very comfortable.

Cushion up.
It is a very old trick, but always works well. Cushions in different shapes and sizes, highlighting the interior scheme, will always make the bed look more grandiose. Keep your scheme cohesive by pulling out a single shade from the patterned cushions and using it in the plain ones.

Use furniture with a twist.
Using an armoire or an antique looking piece of furniture can always help to upgrade the look of the bedroom.

Pink is a welcoming bathroom colour, as it makes the space look calmer and softer. Using more geometric shapes will help to shape the space in a more contemporary style.

 Today we finally received samples of new Corian finishes from and were quite pleased, especially with the fact that they do some concrete effect ones now too.

Corian® has created three advanced aesthetics: Concrete, Onyx and Prima. They encompass unparalleled character and personality to satisfy a desire, strike a mood or complete a vision. These three new aesthetics celebrate the direction of decoration and colour.

Concrete is visually subtle and aesthetically strong. Inspired by an urban landscape, it embodies the appeal of modern industrial design. Four new neutral colours reveal a quieter side to balance its straightforward design style.

 Ash Concrete

 Neutral Concrete

 Carbon Concrete

Weathered Concrete

Inspired by the classic stone, Onyx has a crisp modern edge that is bold in style and rich in visual texture. Sinuous veining of varying opacity and translucence creates a fluid design. With dignified opulence, Gray Onyx has a touch of the avant-garde as streams of silver-gray course through its white translucent background. The aesthetic is one of drama and high style.

Gray Onyx

White Onyx

A new dimension emerges with Prima. This exclusive aesthetic celebrates on-trend design and the inherent technologies that allow the designs to emerge. Eight hues inspired by nature embody our moods and emotions for a variety of design options.

 Limestone Prima

 Dune Prima

Smoke Drift Prima

 Cosmos Prima

 Evening Prima

 Cocoa Prima

 Nimbus Prima

Corian® Willow

Corian® Mineral

Some lovely inspirations for today.

As the spring is here, it is time to redecorate. So we are sharing with you some cool finds in the industry.

Nina Kullberg (London & Stockholm) offers high quality hand crafted textiles from around the world. Their linen cushions are handmade in Istanbul. Her collection offers a fresh and fun take on iconic London landmarks to create elegant signature pattern and designs. 

Very happy and sunny boho- style inspirations.  Hot combination of geometrical and exotic motives and a lot of warm colours are making us feel spring-like.