MannMade London is a contemporary urban furniture design brand, with a refined industrial aesthetic.
Their furniture is designed and made in our London workshop, and takes inspiration from Sebastian Mann's background in architecture, and their love of industrial materials fused with traditional woods. Emphasis on shape, texture and finishes, all comes from a uniquely architectural standpoint. As a brand, MannMade is inspired to create cutting edge designs and push the boundaries on contemporary concepts of furniture aesthetics.

Came across this beautiful Daymer Bay tableware collection by Rick Stein and fell in love.

Inspired by the land and seascape of Cornish coves, this beautiful collection of illustrations were the winning entry in a competition Rick Stein launched to final year Art & Design students at Falmouth University, to create his new tabletop collection. Eight coves and bays from North Cornwall have been hand-painted in watercolour showing the depth and colour variations in the sea.

 It is not a secret that we love microcement and used it quite a lot in bathrooms design. Recently we started to notice pretty spaces where polished plaster or microcement were used in different colours, rather than standard grey.

 Our favourite colour so far is pale pink in the bathrooms, that works especially well with brass sanitaryware.

Greens, blues and browns in subtle tones are great to add this little touch of colour and texture to the space.

Simple geometric artwork makes a big difference.

Another lovely package of carefully selected bathrooms :)

This year is definitely the year of minimalistic sofas but much warmer that create more intimate atmosphere.



Living Divani

Team Form


Geometric pattern rugs can be used not only in the Kids rooms but anywhere else in the house, making the space to stand out. 

In Kids room you can experiment with colours, making it more bright and fun.

In the Living rooms the colours could be more subtle, matching the colour scheme of the room.

However, if you wish to splash some colour, go for it!!! Combine with artwork for a WOW effect.

Have a good weekend!

Great examples of contemporary furniture from California. What I really like is this great combination of this straight lines soft natural finishes. All together gives a bit of industrial and at the same time elegant look.

From their website:
Founded in 2010, Croft House aims to encompass the sophisticated, relaxed feel of the California lifestyle  through their handmade pieces of statement furniture. Croft prides itself on creating timeless pieces, individually crafted to fit a client’s specific needs. Their extensive  design experience effortlessly transforms ideas and vision into functional, quality furniture.

Manufactured locally in Southern California, each piece is handmade with great attention to detail and a distinct focus on the individual processes involved. Longevity and craftsmanship are prioritized through the selection of only the highest quality materials available.

Croft House considers negative space to be just another material at their disposal, this perspective allows their design team to present scale in unique and exciting ways. Commingling these defining characteristics of modern design with the utmost commitment to the use of natural materials, Croft House creates a new generation of timeless furniture.

There is still a bit of summer left so it's worth to consider some ideas for outdoor space. Let's make it charming and welcoming.