About Norse White



Norse /nɔːs/
Relating to ancient or medieval Norway or Scandinavia.

Norse White is a Scandinavian Design inspired blog created by 
Ardesia Design, a Notting Hill based Residential Interior Design and Consulting company. The blog is inspired by both Scandinavian design and the minimal-style work of Ardesia Design and is currently being written and managed by interior designers Milena Diyarova and Ilona Zachaj, as well as a number of guest bloggers.

Although the blog is inspired by Scandinavian principles of design (minimalism, simplicity and function) and the general scope of material covered adheres to a nordic style of design, our blog covers a range of topics in the design and building industry, including:
- Interior Design
- Interior Decoration
- Furniture, accessories and textiles
- The Building Industry and Self-build
- Architecture
- The Real Estate Market and Property Management
- Property Investments and Development

The Ardesia Design blog (Norse White) was featured on the Telegraph's Top 50 interior design websites.